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Frequently asked questions

The Q&A below aim to answer your questions about the differences that working on campus in the current environment will bring.

They also outline some of the ways in which we can support these efforts for the safety of our community.

Will hand sanitisers be pedal operated to avoid having to operate them by hand?

The hand sanitiser dispenser will be hand operated and similar to those used in hospitals, for example. That means touching the dispenser and then being able to sanitise your hands immediately afterwards.The dispensers will also be disinfected regularly throughout the day, further reducing the risk of virus transmission. 

Will staff be expected to request extra hand sanitisers and signage if it is insufficient in their area?

General building signage and sanitisers for communal areas will be sourced and maintained centrally. Our stock of alcohol wipes will be distributed to the identified disinfection stations before the buildings open and replenished as required throughout the day. There will also be a contact email for emergency requisitions to replenish these areas. Additional requirements for locations not agreed would need to be PO approved via your line manager.

Will we be replacing automatic hand driers as they are believed to spread the virus? 

All toilets have hand towels installed as hand driers may be impractical for some individuals to use, however there are no plans to decommission hand driers across campus. The WHO advice remains to dry your hands using a paper towel or a warm air drier.

Decommissioning hand driers is also not possible in all toilet facilities due to the shortage of space for waste bins. In addition, the introduction of hand towels does create more blockages and subsequently put toilets out of use more frequently. The installation of additional dispensers and removal of dryers in all toilets across campus would add to the financial cost and have a negative environmental impact.

How will shared PCs and laptops be kept hygienic between users? 

We are providing keyboard covers for shared PCs so that they can be easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe between users, and disinfection stations have been placed nearby to ensure users can clean workspaces before use.

For laptop loans, staff and students should wipe down the laptop with an alcohol wipe at the end of the loan period and when collecting the loan laptop.

What about lifts? What if someone coughed or sneezed in the lift and then someone went in straight after? 

Disinfectant wipes are available in all lift lobbies and it is recommended that people use them both before and after using lifts to help minimise any transference from buttons. 

Will offices and open plan workspaces be cleaned on a regular basis?

Yes, we are introducing new cleaning protocols. This will include earlier start times and additional disinfection throughout the day, amongst other measures.

If you do arrive early in the morning and find a member of the cleaning team is in your office, please don't go in. Allow them to finish and exit the office before you enter. 

In order for the cleaning team to effectively clean the surfaces in your office they must be clear of clutter. This is why we will be adopting a clear surface policy going forward. Please clear your desk at the end of each day and remove everything other than IT and phone equipment. If the cleaning team find your surfaces have not been cleared, then it might not be cleaned that day.

There are a number of sanitising and disinfecting stations located in all buildings. We encourage you to look after your workspace and both wash your hands frequently with soap and use the wipes and sanitising units to regularly wipe all areas down.

Will temporary toilets be provided to prevent the possibility of queuing?

At this stage we have no plans to introduce additional, temporary toilet and washroom facilities. All toilet facilities will have dispensers located outside their entrance and additional cleaning has been introduced throughout the day

All toilets will have signs on the external door to remind users to be alert and comply with social distancing. It is important that we all work together as a community by acting sensibly and safely.

In essence, it’s about security being everyone’s responsibility within our community.

Will cleaning teams be using the same cloth for different areas of the campus?

The Cleaning team routinely clean their cloths and equipment before moving to a new area to clean. In light of Covid-19, the cleaning team now disinfect their equipment and cloths with virucidal chemicals before moving to a new area to reduce the chance of virus transmission further. 

Can I move the disinfection stations or sanitising dispensers closer to my workspace?

No, it's important the dispensers are left in agreed locations, deliberately placed to accommodate people in the area. If a dispenser is moved, the cleaning team might not replenish it when empty and it would also impact availability of the wipes to others.

Concerns around the location of facilities should be raised with your line manager who will contact the Building Custodian who is supporting each building’s readiness protocols. The Building Custodian will then discuss the requirements with the Site Services team.