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Getting around campus

We have created new ways to use external spaces and facilities in order to keep the community as safe as possible and to meet social distancing requirements.

Below is information about changes we have made across campus to support staff, students and visitors, as well as measures we have introduced to remind people of the behaviours we expect of them.

Navigating the campus

We have designed new campus circulation plans in order to better manage flows of people and to avoid crowds. The biggest element of this is a 'keep left' policy on all of our external paths and walkways. 

 floor signage 250 2floor signage 250

Floor signage is being used to direct people to keep to the left in all instances, and street furniture such as planters have been used to segregate walkways. All disabled access routes remain in place.

Signage on campus

We are ensuring signage is placed at key points across campus and within buildings, intended to remind everyone of the measures we have in place to mitigate risk.

bin sign 250

Entry and exit points to buildings

We've reviewed access to all buildings against social distancing guidelines. Where we can we have dedicated separate entrance and exit points to buildings, utilising the rear of buildings for example. Where that isn't possible we have clearly marked adjacent doors with green 'entry' and red 'no entry' signs. 

See more about the changes made to specific buildings here.

Library entrance 400

One-way routes 

A number of buildings on campus contain corridors and stairs that won't allow for safe crossing, and have therefore been made one-way to ensure social distancing restrictions can be maintained.

Lifts across campus

All lifts have now been designated single occupancy and signs are in place on every lift to illustrate that no more than one person can use them at once. Hand sanitiser stations are also placed outside every lift on campus so that people can sanitise before and after touching lift buttons.

Perspex screens

Screens have been installed across campus, primarily at service points in the Library and cafes and restaurants, but also in office spaces. All of our service points will also be using cashless payments.
Screenshot (31)

Face coverings

Face coverings will not be mandatory in most areas of our campus, but they will be required in our retail, takeaway catering outlets and library. This list will be extended in line with government requirements as they changeFace coverings are also required for those travelling in on public transport. We will continue to closely monitor any changes in requirements and advice.  

To help support our University community in meeting the government requirements we will be providing two washable face coverings for all staff and working with the Union of Brunel Students to provide face coverings for students. These will be available to collect on your return to campus and we will share further details of collection points soon. 

While we will not be enforcing their use, we know that some people will choose to wear face coverings at all times while on campus, and we will fully support anybody who makes this choice.