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Staff House Party

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Brunel's first Staff House Party at your place today.

Before we begin, please make sure you have set up a Zoom account, it’s quick and simple. Just follow the instructions here using your Brunel email address to register.

We also appreciate that not everyone will be able to take time away from work, so please take the opportunity to dip in and out of our virtual entertainment as you see fit. We’ll also be providing recordings of our party sessions so you and your teams can join in later.


Join us at 1pm today

Click on the Livestream opposite for a welcome from our Vice-Chancellor Prof Julia Buckingham and find out who the lucky winner of our Taskmaster challenge.Next, have a look through the party schedule below, select the sessions you want to join and follow the links. You shouldn’t need a password but if you do, please use this 1122334455.