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We are Brunel: our community commitment

Brunel University London has delivered life-changing education and ground-breaking research for over 50 years.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that we have to rethink how we do this, at least for now. We all have a part to play in keeping ourselves and each other safe through the pandemic, so that we can continue our important work.  We will all come together to protect our community and protect Brunel.

This means that Brunel will:

  • Prioritise the safety and wellbeing of staff and students by ensuring that work and study spaces are Covid-secure, following all the latest guidance as it emerges

  • Ensure that staff can work from home when recommended, have the equipment and resources needed and are supported and guided by line managers

  • Ensure that staff who cannot work from home when self-isolating continue to be paid for that period

  • Ensure that staff who are vulnerable or caring for vulnerable people are protected and included

  • Provide plenty of opportunities for people to come together virtually, for work or social purposes, to reduce isolation and maintain our sense of community

  • Provide regular, comprehensive information and guidance for staff and listen and respond to staff concerns

And staff will:

  • Stay up to date with and follow the latest guidance to reduce the spread of Covid-19, attending the weekly briefings where possible to hear and feedback on Brunel’s plans

  • Keep in touch with their line manager and report regularly on their work, and any concerns

  • Report any Covid-19 symptoms and follow guidance to self-isolate and get a test

  • Treat each other with respect and understanding at all times, recognising that other people’s personal circumstances may impact on their ability to follow particular guidance in ways that we cannot see

  • Show understanding and support to colleagues who are in vulnerable groups or may have vulnerable family members and ensure that we all continue to feel an integral part of our community

  • Support our colleagues who may be feeling lonely or isolated, helping where we can or raising any concerns about wellbeing with a line manager or HR Business Partner.

  • If we see others breaching guidance and we feel able, we will raise our concerns directly with them in a polite and constructive manner. If we do not feel able, we will report to our HR Business Partner.

  • If we are approached about our own behaviour, either directly or by HR, we will respond positively and respectfully, in the knowledge that it is done with our community’s wellbeing in mind

As a community, we will recognise that we are all doing our best in the most difficult circumstances, and we will work openly and constructively together to get through it.