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We are Brunel

What we’re doing to help the coronavirus effort


Supporting the NHS 


Our physiotherapy lecturers and graduates are back on the frontline

They have returned to intensive care units to help fight coronavirus at The Royal Brompton Hospital and elsewhere

We enabled more than 100 new critical care staff to be trained every day

We rapidly designed and developed an online training programme now used by Health Education England

We have donated Personal Protective Equipment to services in need

We have given aprons to Hillingdon Hospital and masks to the Metropolitan Police

We are providing access to our campus for key workers from the NHS

Our accommodation and parking is available to those working at Hillingdon Hospital

We are prototyping 3D-printed adaptors to repurpose home-standard ventilators

Project with Royal Brompton Hospital aims to make kit hit critical care ward standards

We have loaned lab equipment to the National Testing Programme

A PCR workstation, pipettes and more went from campus to Deloitte's labs thanks to the Army

We are helping London hospitals with data analysis and decision-making

Computer Science academics and students simulating virus transmission, hospital utilisation and post-lockdown scenarios

We have re-gifted 900 masks to hospital and care home staff

A business partner gifted us more than our staff need, so now local institutions benefit

We crowdfunded treats to give hardworking NHS staff a sugar boost

From cereal bars to jammy dodgers, hospital staff are snacking on Brunel-bought biccies

We helped categorise and prioritise at-risk groups in our local area

We developed risk segmentation criteria to help the Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group's patient strategy


Social media updates

Supporting our local community

We are helping local businesses impacted by coronavirus get the right information

Our Brunel Business School academic volunteers are validating information for West London Business

Our caterers have donated free food and drink to key workers in the local area

Taste Kingdom have delivered to Hillingdon Hospital and other local businesses

Our Reservists have been mobilised to support Defence activities

Brunel staff who are Army, Royal Navy and RAF Reservists have joined community efforts

We've equipped care leavers with tablets through our widening access funds

20 more college students in Hillingdon can now study online

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Online webinars 

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