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Student Job Shop - campus jobs

If you are interested in exploring part-time employment opportunities on campus once you arrive to start your studies, you should register with our dedicated, campus-located student Job Shop. 

While it's not for everybody, the benefits of working include boosting employability through professional development, earning money to help support you while you study, and meeting new people. 

Whether you are interested in general part-time work or course-related opportunities, our Job Shop Advisers are on hand to help you find and apply for a variety of campus-based roles.

You will also enhance your future employability greatly by seeking out Brunel's Professional Development Centre (PDC), home to Brunel Volunteers who can help you access the many volunteering opportunities available. It is your one-stop-shop to a vast array of support for professional skills development while you study, as well as being the route to access part-time employment opportunities with external employers.

If you think you might want to complement your studying with part-time work on campus, you should register to be part of our 'ready to work' candidate pool. Registration is straightforward. Once you have your student registration number you should create your Job Shop Online record using this registration link.

Our advisers will be in touch shortly afterwards with a link to a scheduling tool to book an appointment to come in and see us to go through the necessary Right to Work checks. These include:

  • identity checks (you will need to bring your passport and student ID card to the appointment);
  • Visa documentation (for non-EU citizens); and,
  • completion of a compulsory medical questionnaire.

Once these checks have been completed and your online record updated accordingly, you will be part of our 'ready to work' pool of student candidates and able to apply for a variety of campus-based part-time roles such as Student Ambassador, Student Research Assistant, Library Assistant, Retail Shop Assistant and more.

There are rules regarding how many hours you can work during term-time. These vary by University, but at Brunel we take your study commitments seriously and so limit your working hours to 15 hours per week during term-time (with some exceptions depending on study level). For more information, on this and other Brunel-specific Job Shop information and vacancy information, explore our Job Shop intranet pages once you arrive with us to start your studies.