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Brunel Brew

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‘Brunel Brew’ brings alumni from similar sectors together for a one-to-one professional networking opportunity. Grab yourself a tea or coffee and connect virtually with Brunel’s alumni community to share knowledge and build your industry networks.

Who can register for Brunel Brew?

Our current focus for Brunel Brew includes entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey. You must be a graduate of Brunel to participate.

How does it work?

  1. Complete the registration form below by Wednesday 1 September 2021
  2. We will match you with another entrepreneur, by sharing the email address that you provide. You will hear from us shortly after the deadline with details of the match.
  3. From here, you arrange a time convenient to both of you to have a video call, and start sharing ideas. We recommend doing this as soon as possible after you have received the details of your match.
  4. Following your ‘brew’, we will follow-up with both alumni to check-in on experience and receive feedback.

Helpful Information

  • You will be matched solely for a one-off conversation, however, should you enjoy your experience, you are welcome to continue catching up afterwards.
  • Please take a positive approach to meeting your match. Connecting should be an enjoyable and insightful experience for both alumni. You are all starting with one thing in common; that you are a Brunel alumni, how many other commonalities can you find?
  • Respect that your alumni peers have busy schedules like you. If you are unable to attend an organised meeting, please contact your match as far in advance as possible to rearrange.
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