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Anniversary: 10 ways to get involved


Anniversary: 10 ways to get involved

1) Leave your mark on our world map
With your help we are putting together a picture of where our alumni are in the UK and all around the world. Already we have had greetings as far apart as San Diego, Stockholm and Singapore. Where will you drop your pin? And are there any Brunelians nearby? Leave your anniversary greeting here.

2) Share your Brunel memories
Alumni have started sharing their favourite memories and photos of their time at university. We have seen already received memories involving University Challenge, Prince Charles and Chesney Hawkes! Did you ice skate on the pond? See a great band? Meet the love of you life? Or capture a great photo of friends on campus? We want to hear about it. Share your memories here.

3) Come to an event in the UK or abroad
Whether you fancy celebrating at the big Alumni Weekend with old friends, or stimulating your grey matter at one of our public debates, there are lots of events taking place this year to mark our anniversary. There will also be a range of alumni celebrations taking place around the world so you can meet Brunelians near you. Keep an eye on our anniversary website for details and make sure you update us with your current address so we can send you details of anything happening near you.

4) Organise an alumni event in your region or country
If there is no event currently planned for your area, why not organise one? We will offer support where we can. For you, this would usually involve choosing a suitable venue and then being a point of contact for others. We can help publicise the event to alumni nearby and offer guidance where needed. Get in touch to see how else we can help.

5) Come to the campus and take the Anniversary tour
When was the last time you were on campus? If you find yourself nearby, pop in and take the walking anniversary Discover50 tour. The tour will take you into buildings old and new and reveal some amazing achievements and facts about the university that we’ll bet you didn’t know… Collect your self-guided tour map from the ground floor of the Eastern Gateway Building, just off Kingston Lane, and allow up to 90 minutes to complete it.

6) Join the Alumni Network and find or become a mentor
Our growing online alumni network is the ideal place for connecting with one of our 120,000+ alumni in your field. Whether you are an expert in your industry wishing to pass on some help to new graduates, or you are just starting off in your career and could use some advice: the network is a great place to start. There is a jobs board too, where you can find or advertise vacant positions. Sign up for free at

7) Check out the website for news and the history of Brunel
Take a look at our special anniversary website to find out where it all began and the milestones we have passed along the way. Think there’s something missing? Then let us know! Take a look at the timeline here.

8) Share your love of Brunel on social media with #Brunel50
Want to spread the Brunel love in 140 characters? We’d love to get your Twitter anniversary messages – just leave space for the #Brunel50 hashtag! Why not record a quick video message about why you love Brunel? #Brunel50 also works on Facebook so you can easily share your Brunel photos.

9) Register as a volunteer to help the next generation of Brunelians
There are lots of ways to help your university by giving a bit of your time. You could become a mentor, a guest speaker or international ambassador. You could provide a student placement or graduate job. Or you could help inspire prospective students with a profile for our website or prospectus, or even meeting people at Open Days. However you choose to volunteer your time, you will be helping people to follow in your footsteps and helping Brunel on the next 50 years of its journey. Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.

10) Support our students with a contribution to our Annual Fund
We have a long tradition of supporting dedicated students financially who might otherwise have been unable to afford to come to university. Our range of scholarships helps to ease the financial burden. We also provide emergency bursaries to those in need of urgent financial support. Alumni have supported us over many years to enable us to help the next generation. If you would like to find out more about marking the anniversary with a gift, please visit