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Academic Spotlight - Prof Khakoo

Professor Abbas Khakoo is Professor of Clinical Education at Brunel University London.

“Brunel is an internationally recognised University with a reputation for providing high quality education in a number of undergraduate and postgraduate scientific disciplines.

I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of students flourishing with new educational methodology such as Team-Based Learning (TBL).”

Prof Khakoo

Professor Khakoo achieved a Law degree at Cambridge and went on to complete his Medical degree (BMBCh) at Oxford. His expertise and interests are in Paediatrics and clinically led service improvements. He has been a Consultant in Paediatrics since 1996 working at The Hillingdon Hospitals (THH) NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and between 2013-2019 was Executive Medical Director at THH.

“Over my career I have required a great deal of experience in the training and teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Along with my clinical management experience this has allowed me to develop an excellent understanding of what ‘high quality’ and ‘good governance’ looks like with reference to the provision of medical training in the clinical setting.”

Working with Brunel Medical School, Professor Khakoo’s primary role has been to build strong relationships with local Health Providers - developing their ability to provide high quality clinical placements for Years 3-5 of the MBBS programme.

"My goal is mainly twofold. The first is to ensure that there is dialogue leading to signed service level agreements which will ensure that the correct resources are in place for the placements supported by strong quality and governance monitoring arrangements. The second is to support the identification and development of medical staff in the Health Providers to become clinical educators for our MBBS students during their clinical placements.”

Professor Khakoo will look to draw on all of Brunel’s expertise to ensure that a high quality MBBS course is delivered.

We are lucky enough to have an outstanding range of resources available at the University – and not just in Health. As an example, we’ll be working with our internationally renowned Brunel Business School, as well as a variety of workstreams under Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences. As well as having an emphasis on teaching integrated healthcare, we are well placed to provide an innovative, digitally focused curriculum."