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Digital technology to support your learning

Our up-to-date, innovative curriculum incorporates digital technologies to enhance the way that you learn and the environment that you learn in, that prepare you to practise medicine in the modern world. 


Integrating learning facilities with digital technology

You will be taught by clinicians and academics in new facilities which include ‘smart’ classrooms, a video-enabled clinical communication suite and simulated hospital wards. You will benefit from the use of interactive life-like manikins, equipped with the latest AI technology, to hone your clinical and teamwork skills on campus and in the simulation suite of the medical school’s nearest clinical partner, Hillingdon Hospital.

Your learning of anatomy and physiology, the ‘building blocks’ of medical science, will be enhanced through the use of technology including an anatomy table, an interactive display panel that enables you to virtually dissect the human body; ultrasound scanners to provide a window into the real-time workings of your organs; and physiology simulators which provide an engaging way of understanding how body systems function and interact in health and disease.   

Digi tech web

Bringing depth, efficiency and flexibility to your learning 

Our curriculum has been produced by academics and clinicians working in partnership to provide the latest insights into scientific advances and clinical practice. By embedding digital technology, we can ensure that curriculum delivery is agile and adaptable to the challenges of an ever-changing scientific and clinical landscape.

You will be able to access our digital platform from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet 24/7 at a time and place that suits you. This platform will provide integrated support for all aspects of your learning experience, including timetabling, access to online resources, use for classroom learning, feedback, workplace-based assessments, peer interactions and student support.

This approach will facilitate your learning, whether taking place in your own accommodation or home, on campus, whilst travelling or in the healthcare setting.

We have established expertise in Team-Based Learning (TBL),  which will be the main method of classroom instruction. Through this highly engaging, interactive, ‘flipped classroom’ approach, you will study our bespoke online course materials to prepare for class, where you will work in small teams to think through relevant science and medical questions, facilitated by academics, clinicians and facilitators using TBL-enabled software.

The TBL process with its underpinning digital learning system will provide you with on-going feedback to guide your learning and will enable your teachers to tailor their teaching according to the needs of the class. It will also provide learning analytics to help the school identify students who may need more support, and to continuously improve the way the curriculum is delivered. 

The approach develops your communication skills in dealing with your colleagues and when addressing the whole class to defend your ideas. In this way TBL also enhances your listening skills and leadership potential.

Digital health 

Our digital health curriculum is one of the many ways that our new MBBS programme will prepare you for the future of medical practice, both in the UK and globally. 

As well as being a tool to enhance your learning, you will also learn about the use of digital technology in healthcare practice. Digital health already pervades every aspect of medical practice, from the doctor-patient consultation, to choosing and interpreting AI-facilitated diagnostic tests, making a diagnosis and prescribing safely. Our modern curriculum will equip you with core competencies to progress in your medical career.