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Executive Education

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In today’s world, people and organisations face disruptive and unprecedented challenges that warrant them to update their skills and knowledge on a continuous basis.

We recognise this growing need in the industry and explore opportunities to support people’s learning throughout their careers and their lives. Brunel Business school (BBS) aims to offer quality Executive Education that addresses the dynamic needs of local and international business and management practices in an affordable price

Being part of the Brunel Business School’s Small Business leadership programme has allowed me and my business with new ways of thinking and some time to reflect. Through the training courses, I learned awareness of my own leadership style and how I can adapt it.

Brendon O'Connor From Simon Harrison Ltd

Small Business Leadership Programme by Brunel Business School has given me a better insight into the Importance of customer segmentation, learning about the difference between vision, mission and purpose and how to lead effectively during challenging times. The courses enabled me to develop strategic perspective toward problem solving and decision making.

Howard Wong From Little Moons

Small Business Leadership Programme by Brunel Business School helped me learn how my business can innovate and react to changing nature of the market. It also gave me insights into how Leaders need to work and motivate their team and how a good leader engages with his/her team. I have also been able step away from the business and understand my companies’ vision and how this has changed with times and again during this pandemic. This programme has also helped me become a much effective leader and a more strategic thinker. I also really enjoy the peer group sessions and be able to learn from other business owners.

Anuuj Kohli From SWJ UK LTD

During the Small Business Leadership Programme, I learned how to apply the Customer Based Brand Equity Pyramid to my business and identifying how we want to be perceived with the reality via feedback from a direct discussion with a key customer. I also found studying the "GROW" model and how it can apply to my team very valuable. Working on the Business Canvas, evoking consideration of re-packaging services as subscriptions and generating recurring revenues as been very useful too.

Mark Perry from Oregan Networks

Being on the Small Business leadership programme with Brunel Business School, I have learned how to adapt our offering to suit the needs of the customer, I found the discussion about KPI and value for marketing very useful. Being on programme also gave me an opportunity to see how my previous leadership experience translates into business. I also gained better insights on brand analysis.

Rich Jones from Testrade Ltd