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Brunel Hive Consulting Group

Practical Solutions for Growing Your Business Sustainably


Exploring New Ideas?

Brunel Hive Consulting Group can help to make them happen. The world of business has changed – perhaps forever. Stakeholders are the new shareholders. Sustainability is the keyword in every strategic plan. Small business growth is now measured in terms of both profitability and social impact.

Business owners must now factor in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in every aspect of their decision-making. All this is happening alongside accelerating advances in artificial intelligence, in a new marketplace where sophisticated algorithms drive machine learning and everyday business. Scaling up a business has never been more challenging for small business owners. However, the future for ambitious small businesses, across west London and globally, is exciting.

Our action-researchers are at the forefront of assisting businesses to seize new growth opportunities. Brunel Hive Consulting Group provides a channel for academic experts to make a direct contribution to the sustainable growth of local and international businesses. Our experts are drawn from across Brunel Business School and the wider university. We focus on working closely with businesses to define specific challenges and opportunities, explore a range of possible sustainable actions, and deliver measurable impacts to take businesses to their next level of growth. Whilst we are particularly interested in working with West London companies in the coming year, we also very much look forward to assisting companies across London looking to enter international markets.


Our key services include:

  • Strategic reviews and planning to re-position companies in new growth markets;
  • Developing and implementing social impact-focused growth plans;
  • Financial re-structuring and implementation of new systems and controls;
  • Practical implementation of new technologies to accelerate business growth;
  • Service and product branding, in line with the overall business brand strategy;
  • Developing effective digital marketing and social media strategies and action plans

Contact us to start a conversation today. Whether you are simply exploring new ideas, or are ready to scaleup, we look forward to working with you in the very near future.