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Our mission

Our core mission is to enable and empower managers to deliver sustainable growth across their organisations.

Brunel Hive Review offers expert insights and practical solutions for scaling up sustainability. Brunel Hive Review is our key publication, connecting our academic expertise with local and international businesses. Our editorial strategy is to become a leading channel in university-industry-society communication, addressing key issues at both policy and practice levels.

The Review is being launched initially as a blog, with a print edition planned for September-October 2020. Brunel Hive Review will feature in-depth interviews with leading global entrepreneurs, academic experts and policy-makers, and will take advantage of Brunel’s growing international reputation as a think-and-do institution. The Review will make strong, practical contributions to ongoing debates and approaches in executive learning, student entrepreneurship, business research, and knowledge exchange.

We deliver our mission by combining our extensive academic expertise with leading industry experts. We look forward to exploring new growth opportunities with you through our range of partnership options.
Dr Geraldine Cohen - Director of Brunel Hive and Reader in Marketing