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Co-Innovate BBS Collaborative Programme | Brunel Business School

Co-Innovate is an innovation support programme for London based SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups. The aim of the programme is to help companies achieve business growth through collaboration with Brunel University London’s world class academic expertise, knowledge assets and facilities. Similarly the ultimate goal of the collaboration is to enrich the student experience, practical knowledge and nurture their innovative ideas.

Co-Innovate is jointly funded by Brunel University London and the European Regional Development fund.

The programme is further divided into two projects which are distinguished according to the needs of the business.

Co-Innovate Journeys- provides support to SMEs

Connecting London Based SMEs with academic expertise and research practices at Brunel University London. Providing the tools and support necessary to help your business innovate, differentiate and compete successfully in the market through collaborative projects with academics and students. Providing free tailored workshops, assess to specialized research facilities and support in accessing innovation funding.

Co-Innovate Bridging the Gap (BtG)- supports new start-ups /Entrepreneurs

Supporting London based new start-ups to launch, scale and grow their innovative ventures. Co-Innovate BtG can help drive a start-up forward through mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and flexible training programme to fast track an idea. It can also help with pitching opportunities to raise awareness and possibly collaborate with students and academics to refine.

BBS Co-Innovate Collaborations:

Brunel Business School has become a key partner in the Co-Innovate collaborative programme. Building on its research and teaching achievements across a wide range of business and management disciplines, Brunel Business School has been involved in a large number of Co-Innovate collaborations with SMEs,  start-ups and  entrepreneurs.

Brunel Business School students at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels,  supervised by academics, work on collaborative projects that see companies suggest real-world innovation challenges related to marketing, strategy, finance, or international business. Participating students take on this challenge producing a report informed by key management theory and models, resulting in a set of pragmatic actions and ideas for the participating company to exploit, furthering their innovation goals.

This type of collaboration is beneficial to all parties involved. The collaborating companies have their selected topic investigated and receive considered suggestions for action.  In turn the students get the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real world setting, and use this knowledge for their final year projects or dissertations providing them with valuable employability experience before graduation.

All potential projects and the intellectual property arrangements are carefully discussed with the collaborating company, whilst the students are supported and guided weekly by the expertise of their academic tutor.

Value for Students:

Participating students provide real value to the businesses they work with, applying their skills and know-how to projects that will lead to bottom line enhancements for those businesses. This translates into an effective learning experience boosting students’ academic and employment prospects. For students, Co-Innovate collaborations can lead not only to the stimulation of working on real-world problems in a supported environment, it can also provide exposure to businesses across sectors, allowing practical contact to real world management issues at close hand, a useful addition to any CV. Students are encouraged to apply the knowledge and experience acquired through Co-Innovate collaborations to their academic work, such as coursework, final year projects or dissertations. In this endeavor they will be supported throughout by dedicated academic staff.

 As a student how can I get involved? 

Brunel Business School students who would like to know more about getting involved in Co-Innovate should contact Dr Geraldine Cohen (Geraldine.Cohen@brunel.ac.uk), Fintan Clear (Fintan.Clear@brunel.ac.uk) or Ian Ferris (Ian.Ferris @brunel.ac.uk).