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Centre for Artificial Intelligence

The strategic effects of the AI and associated technologies – machine learning, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and the internet of things – are beginning to be felt in many areas.  Sectors such as financial services, insurance, education, logistics, retail, manufacturing, health, social services and police forces are actively using these technologies. Artificial intelligence doesn’t just change how computers work. It introduces new competitors and business models, as new digital platforms attack incumbents; it requires new skills and capabilities; raises ethical concerns, and impacts on how and why strategic decisions are made. The Brunel AI research centre approaches AI related research projects with a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and multi-country perspective. 

Our priorities are to:

  • understand the impact of AI at three – Macro, Meso and Micro – levels 
  • map the research terrain of the field of big data and AI in business
  • investigate the impact of AI and related technologies on societies, organisations and individuals
  • explore and develop theory and conceptual models to support AI practices 
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Artificial Intelligence Conference at Brunel - Challenges and opportunities for businesses