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Journal of Brand Management Special Issue: Development and management of brands in China

This special edition of the Journal of Brand Management is devoted to China’s brands and has been guest-edited by two leading scholars in the field, Professor John M.T. Balmer and Dr Weifeng Chen of Brunel University London, UK. This issue represents a veritable “state of the art” of the nature, significance and management of brands to and from China. Research and management themes covered in the special edition, written by leading scholars from China, Europe and North America, include a review of China’s brands and brand development, the Chinese luxury brand market and luxury brand-building in China, the images of foreign versus domestic retailer brands, corporate heritage brands in China and a brand culture approach to Chinese cultural heritage brands.

Read Chen and Balmer’s editorial.
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For a limited time JBM is offering these articles free to view:
China’s brands, China’s brand development strategies and corporate brand communications in ChinaCorporate heritage brands in China. Consumer engagement with China’s most celebrated corporate heritage brand – Tong Ren Tang: 同仁堂