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Why study at Brunel Business School?

Business and trading are at the centre of human life. From the agora of ancient Greece to the bazaars of the Silk Road, modern day farmers’ markets to shiny shopping malls, how we interact in business influences society at large and contributes to a healthy economy.  

The Brunel Business School is dedicated to excellence in learning and is in the top 20 universities for research. This passion in the pursuit of knowledge translates into teaching that engages and inspires. We are also accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest global standard for business schools with only 5% worldwide achieving this accolade.

Our graduates go on to do great things, winning awards for their business ideas and achievements, and gaining recognition for their brilliant thinking. We ensure that we embrace all aspects of business from technical skills and lateral problem-solving through to creativity and entrepreneurship, offering you the best possible route to success.

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A message from Professor Jane Hendy, Dean of Brunel Business School

The warmest of welcomes to you. Brunel University London Business School is one of the largest schools within the University, with an internationally diverse student body and academic staff. We draw energy and ideas from our diversity; our global outlook provides a varied, multicultural learning environment that inspires our students to be future leaders across the world.    

We are particularly focused on the student experience and employability, and boast numerous initiatives that support this focus. Among them is our employability-focused programme Business Life, which provides added social value by nurturing employable and entrepreneurial global citizens with the right skills for today’s roles. Our commitment to professional development and our global alumni network ensures our graduates go on to have long and successful careers wherever they find that work takes them.

The Business School is about ‘engaged scholarship’. Our research drives forward global business and societal transformation and we put this learning into practice with original, relevant and impactful teaching that inspires our students to improve the world around them. 

The School is home to five internationally renowned Research Groups in the areas of Accounting & Auditing, Strategy, Marketing & Corporate Brand Management, Operations & Information Systems Management, and Human Resource Management & Organisation Behaviour. Research within these groups reflects the ever-changing business landscape, helping us improve and evolve our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All our teaching is underpinned by input from research, governments, policy-makers, and global business leaders who support us and choose to partner with us.  

Our research performance is reflected by the latest UK government Research Excellence Framework, in which we have been ranked 20th in the UK in terms of research intensity and 12th in terms of research power, from a total of over 100 UK Schools.  

Studying at Brunel Business School provides you with the global awareness to become an innovative, ambitious and connected innovator who influences how the world does business. I hope you will join us.   

Brunel Business School Mission Statement

Brunel Business School contributes to local and global business with the advancement and dissemination of management knowledge and business practice through our world-class research. We are committed to providing an outstanding teaching quality, educating students by using actionable research and evidence-based teaching so that students become self-fulfilled, entrepreneurial global business leaders.

Our synergistic relationship with business allows students to experience real, often challenging, business environments. This prepares them to undertake high-value placements and internships, encouraging development of innovative and entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for their future.

We are proud of our supportive and empowering learning environment. Our pastoral care is second to none, fostering mutual understanding amongst students and staff with a collaborative and open working culture. Our inclusive staff and student body encourages social responsibility and brings dynamic and diverse perspectives.

Our values
Brunel Business School is positioned on a four-pillar structure of preparing our students for the contemporary workplace, being actively engaging with the local community, putting students at the centre of our School and being globally focused.

Ready for business 
Brunel Business School prepares students for today’s workplace. From training in soft skills through internships and placements to innovation and entrepreneurship, Brunel Business School gives students the tools they need for work and to become responsible future global leaders. 

Local champion 
We actively engage with local businesses - small, medium and large. This is a synergistic relationship; our students experience a real and often challenging business environment and the businesses benefit from the students’ ideas, energy and enthusiasm. 

Student first 
Students are at the epicentre of the School. Our staff are recognised as being caring and compassionate. Our pastoral care is second to none and is underpinned by a strong supportive culture that values diversity and inclusion.

Global futures
We do not just teach ‘business’, we teach business with a global focus. We have an international student cohort and an international faculty which helps bring a global perspective to all that we do. As such, we will develop the capabilities of students to be future generators of sustainable value for business and society at large and to work for an inclusive and sustainable global economy.