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The Bridging the Gap programme provides front-end support to entrepreneurs to increase capabilities and refine concepts through training, mentoring and support. Please take a look at our fantastic entrepreneurs enrolled onto the programme.


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Signet Rose founder, Naomi Taiwo, studied law at Brunel University London, but has always had a passion for sketching and designing. She has been practicing her craft and has now decided to do something with it. Signet Rose has gone through many different ideas, models and phases but it is now set to be a fashion brand that produces quality pieces that can be worn by the everyday woman. Their clothes reflect high fashion, style and tailoring while being comfortable and without the designer price tag.

Signet Rose will be an online store but they hope to grow and have an imapct on the industry, so that in the future they can have their own physical space where they can offer a great shopping experience and more services.
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Zoo Town founder Ibiere Banigo strives to help students find job opportunities while they study. Her forward-thinking online platform that connects students from universities across London with employment opportunities. With more than 558,000 young students aged 18-24 in the UK facing unemployment, Zoo Town aims to tackle and change this forever. This will be achieved by connecting fully vetted and experienced tutors, babysitters and nannies to parents, as well as providing talented students with a variety of paid employment opportunities from small businesses. With all payments being taken online and paid directly to the student, Zoo Town aims to revolutionise the way students and employers find the jobs and support that they need.


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Thomas Fudge is an award-winning PhD student at Brunel University London developing Biological Electrochemical Systems for developing and remote communities. Through his research, experience teaching and travelling he founded a social enterprise WASE. They are developing decentralised sanitation solutions for these communities allowing them to turn wastewater into biogas, fertilisers and recover water. They are currently targeting refugee camps which are facing environmental challenges from deforestation and water pollution, and sanitation facilities need to be adaptable for the fluctuating population. 


"2.3 Billion people in the world have inadequate sanitation and no access to clean cooking fuels.  In refugee camps, pit latrines are regularly installed, and open defecation is common. However, both of these present risks to human health with latrines overflowing and rains causing diseases to spread through the settlements. In cases where pit latrines are emptied, waste is usually dumped outside the camps with no treatment polluting water sources. WASE aims to provide effective solutions to these issues."


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POW makes electric bikes cheaper than a bus pass by providing an affordable and hassle-free way to have your own electric bike. Founder, Mohammed Shah, aims to democratise personal electric mobility while also having a positive impact on local air quality. Electric bikes are the best way to get around town. Unfortunately, they are too expensive (an average bike costs at least £1500) and batteries are prone to failure and degradation, just as they are on smartphones and laptops. Unlike laptops and phones, though, replacements can cost around £500. POW aims to address this issue.

"We pick up your bike, convert it to electric and set you up with insurance, maintenance & free battery replacements for just £35 per month (and a fully refundable deposit of £100). We're able to do this because we use locally sourced recycled cells to build our batteries, therefore eliminating the majority of cost attributed to electric bikes."


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Charlie Sekers and Chris Ricketts are two product designers, who graduated from Brunel University London in 2016. Project MOD is an affordable motorcycle, that can be easily customised and personalised. The base bike is a copy of a Honda CL90. It was chosen because it’s cheap, simple and still being produced in the millions every year. These bikes can be better suited to their user, who all have unique requirements for their lifestyle, so we are going design and produce parts to cater to them.
"The project's first aim is to develop a low-cost, small displacement, adventure- touring motorcycle. We plan to achieve this through testing "off-the-shelf" parts and designing and producing our own."
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Biohm is a research and development led company that places biological systems at the heart of its inspiration to create a healthier and more sustainable built environment. They achieve this through our primary product, Triagomy, their consultation services and research is supported by world-leading expertise and institutions. By allowing nature to lead innovation, they are currently developing a revolutionary construction system, known as Triagomy, which drastically reduces a building’s environmental impact, build-times and costs.

"We combine principles of the circular economy and human-centred design with the latest technologies, materials and manufacturing methods to deliver systemic and holistic solutions with our eyes fixed on the future of our planet."




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Shout Out UK is an independent youth news platform that provides young people with the tools necessary to engage in politics and a platform to shout out and be heard. Spearheaded by our Political Literacy Course – and supplemented by a host of different infographics, videos, articles, workshops and events – they are a one-stop-shop for political learning and enrichment.

"I am a multi-award winning entrepreneur and political literacy activist. A Brunel Graduate in Politics & History, I started Shout Out UK while at university and with my business have gone onne on to create a political literacy course and work with Channel 4 on Britain’s First Youth Leaders’ Debate."

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Tiwalola Ogunlesi is a Confidence coach and speaker whose mission is to awaken a generation of young people to believe in their own worth, strength and purpose so they can become the best versions of themselves. In her time volunteering as a youth mentor she noticed low self-esteem was and still is a major issue in the lives of many young people, resulting in a negative impact on their personal growth. Wired for change she founded Your Wake Up, a platform created to be the voice of empowerment on social media.

Through her creative visual content she transforms minds, attitudes and behaviours from average to extraordinary. Her vision is to see a world where authenticity, self-love and other powerful characteristics of the human soul are the norm and not the exception. To bring this vision to life she has started a confidence revolution, traveling around the world giving fun and engaging talks to young people on how to deal with insecurities and stay #Confident&Killingit.


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Defiantly Brill is a low cost, high quality recruitment agency run by Olumide Ogunlola. Recruitment does not have to be expensive to employers or aggressive to candidate; this is a belief which has shaped our approach to recruitment. With a transparent pricing model, we save you lots of time and money on your recruitment activities, leaving you with the time and resources to concentrate on what is important within your business.

With Millennials set to dominate 50% of the workforce by 2020, it is important to use modern recruitment methods to attract the best millennial talent. As a nimble start up agency, we are moving away from the monotonous and laboured recruitment techniques of old, and have elected to use modern and engaging techniques to source the best candidates.

"We believe the key to a successful recruitment process is engagement; both candidate and employer must be engaged during the process. Keeping both candidate and employer engaged during the process, helps to ensure a suitable match is made – minimising the turnover of new staff."

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A pair of brothers from Thornton Heath, South London, with over 300,000 online followers and 35 million video views in just 1 year after turning their love of Caribbean cuisine into a burgeoning online business.

Craig and Shaun McAnuff launched ‘Original Flava’ to teach people how to cook Caribbean food with easy step-by-step video guides.

Taught how to cook by their Grandmother & Mother, their online success has seen them feature on BET Network, London Live and front cover of The Voice newspaper.

The brothers have released their first caribbean cookbook after a successful crowd-funding campaign.

The book includes authentic & modern caribbean recipes made easy, and provides healthier ingredient alternatives.

The book also includes funny & inspiring stories from Shaun, Craig and their Grandmother’s upbringing.

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A'zaira Intimates was founded in 2017 by Evangeline Marteye, who believed that she could bring a fresh perception to full bust lingerie. Through her personal experiences she realised high end luxury brands simply did not cater to her in style or in size and this was the story of many around her. Evangeline believed she could create something special that all women would love but would cater to women of a fuller bust.


A'zaira Intimates appeals to the desires of the fuller busted woman. Luxury lingerie created to intrigue with its grandeur and exquisiteness. Mesmerising styles depicting femininity, sensuality and passion. Fashion led lingerie breaking the norm with and Exceptional craftsmanship, sophisticated design and wide array of sizing ranging from 28-36, DD-H.

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Sparky Automotive create range extenders for electric vehicles.

Existing automotive technology is antiquated. Cars are propelled by dangerous exploding chemicals in engines comprising dozens of moving parts. Thankfully there is a realistic alternative. Electric automotive technology has reached the level that allows EVs (Electric Vehicles) to provide realistic competition to traditional petrol/diesel cars with comparable capabilities at an affordable cost.”

The EV still has an Achilles Heel. At present when an ICE based vehicle runs out of juice it is a simple and quick process to call in to a garage/supermarket, pay a pump by credit card and fill your tank in minutes. Not so the EV. Even with faster recharge battery technologies we are still looking at a recharge time of the order of an hour or so.” 

Martin Langley, Director.

Martin believes that this proposition addresses the problem directly and can offer an affordable solution removing the need for inconveniently long recharge times for EVs. 

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Travel Simply


Travel Simply inspires people to travel with ease and have the best experience through influencers.

"Our vision is to innovate and adapt to changes to the future of the travel industry, to a more interconnected and socially aware model, building relationships with influencers and brands with our customers."

Stephen Aou, Founder

Stephen Aou

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