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Pitching for Funding: Goal Setting & Developing Strategic Plans

Natwest Goal Setting AND developing strategic plans

We will look at goal setting for your ideal future which will help to motivate yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality. This is part of the Pitching for Funding Programme.

About this event

Goal setting – Developing strategic plans and visioning – Inspiring you to action

 As we are fast approaching 2023 let’s start setting your goals for the new year ahead.

We will look at goal setting for your ideal future which will help to motivate yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

Without a clear destination how do you know where you are going? Having a clear vision of the future provides a sense of purpose.

We will look at back casting helping you map out possible future scenarios and the key milestone and actions to get there and we will introduce you to a technique called Visioning, helping you paint a clear picture of the ideal future to give the clarity and focus to get there.

• What is visioning

• Why is it important

• Setting Measurable Goals

• Success Measurement


Workshop Facilitator

Naima Omasta-Milsom – Co-Innovate Innovation Director

Naima Omasta-Milsom, Innovation Director for Brunel University Co-Innovate project, under the Co-Innovate Journeys. Naima has nearly 20 years’ experience in business support and project management. She is also a Founder and Director of non-for profit, London Business Partnership Ltd (2012) a business support organisation that offers support and help to London’s SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Guest Speaker

Stewart Smith – Local Enterprise Manager NatWest

Stewart is the local enterprise manager for North and North West London. He works with others organisations such as Brunel University London to make sure local businesses thrive. In practical terms this involves helping them to grow through learning, networking and securing funding.

Stewart’s main aim is to support and deliver local events (at present online) and to assist business development through his customer contacts and professional referrals.

Why Co-Innovate and NatWest?

Co-Innovate at Brunel University London and its network of partners have already worked with over 900 London businesses since the programme started in 2012. Brunel University London has a global reputation of excellence in research, student employability and commercial impact.

Your business could be the perfect candidate for help and support through the Co-Innovate programme. We work with partner organisations like NatWest to gather and share expertise with owner-managers like you.

Why not get to know us better? Register for this event and see what we might do for you. When you have registered we will be in touch and will provide you with the joining instructions.

Any questions? Please contact co-innovate@brunel.ac.uk