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Coaching course builds courage

Helping the company expand by creating a new brand, product and theoretical underpinning.

The need

Creature Courage is further expanding and adding another brand to use life changing techniques and years of experience to treat an even wider variety of people.  Creature Courage wanted to go beyond animal phobias to support people in confidence and courage coaching as the techniques are useful for anyone struggling with self-limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, etc.

In October 2020, Creature Courage through a Co-Innovate Journeys collaborative project, paired with academic expertise from Brunel University London and Middlesex University. The aim of the collaboration was to help the company expand and create a new brand and a branch of support that will provide training to economic agents. The structured course (taken individually or collectively) was to tackle the key issues that create barriers to change within the mind and reduce the resistance to change by the individual. The course would also be used to support businesses and policy makers to achieve goals for sustainability for the country in the near future.

The solution

The deliverables were agreed as follows:

  • develop a new course focussing on the growth of personal development responsibility within the individual, and tackling the key issues that create barriers to change within the mind.
  • provide a guide for individuals to re-frame their feelings about contributing to sustainability
  • create an app that will follow on from the course to continue to support and allow the users to measure their contributions to the sustainable development of society
  • explain the theoretical underpinning of the course to allow researchers in business, wellbeing, coaching, sustainability, corporate finance and in other related studies to understand the importance of applying an interdisciplinary approach to address sustainability issues, which in turn will affect the profitability of business.


The outcome

A  versatile coaching course and app have been developed that can be adapted to every individual and business. It can also be used in schools, charities, and a variety of organisations. 

Development of the app will enhance the flow of information from business to individual and vice versa. The advanced flow of quality information will reduce the cost of processing information, build on best practice and assist policy makers to understand changes required to achieve the sustainable goals in the short term. 

Project teams

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Partnering with confidence

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Case study last modified 22/06/2022

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