Student Profiles

Syamin Sharidah Zulkipli

I will never be bored because I am learning and doing new things every day

— Syamin Sharidah Zulkipli
Engineering Management MSc
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Fleur Caruana

The course materials provided by the University are of the highest quality

Lucy Irons

One of the best opportunities afforded by the course was the lab-based dissertation topics

Ali Mohammed

My dissertation was on improving on-site wastewater treatment units using Effective Microorganisms

Julia Castro Mendes

I really love that living on campus allows me to be so close to where lectures take place

— Julia Castro Mendes
Civil Engineering MEng
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Fidaa M A Fayad

I chose Brunel after I read the description of course modules which are excellent

— Fidaa M A Fayad
Water Engineering MSc
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Cameron McRoberts

With continued study at Brunel, I aim to join the Motorsport Industry, creating high performance, competitive racing vehicles on the global stage

Duncan McKay

The Foundation of Engineering course was extremely useful for me, it gave me the opportunity to prove that I really was capable of becoming a great engineer

The MSc provided me with all the managerial tools to take the next step in my career

— Javier Duque Ulloa
Engineering Management MSc
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Nor Zaity

I face new challenges every day – it’s great!

I was exposed to a wide variety of disciplines and job specifications

Joel Meadows

I was offered three different civil engineering jobs within the London area

Wenda Gao

I designed a water filtration and transportation system

Andreea-Maria Crintea

"What I liked about the course was its industrially relevant technical content, which was delivered by professionals at TWI, experts in their field, and by experienced researchers at Brunel"

— Andreea-Maria Crintea
Structural Integrity MSc
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Fleur Warrior

The scholarship programme for Women in Engineering has helped me greatly

Luis Mauricio Martins

The MSc allowed me to learn a great deal of technical knowledge, people management and also taught me aspects about engineering systems and the whole value chain and its several interconnections

— Luis Mauricio Martins
Engineering Management MSc
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Georgekutty Jose

I investigated the buckling behaviour of a telescopic cantilever using experimental methods and ABAQUS

Kok Yihsien

I felt that the course would make me a confident and competent engineer

Raymond Griffin

The importance of a structured approach to engineering design and application is stressed

Alexandra Woodcock

The course puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, which is integral to how engineers work

Andrew Roberts

I managed and oversaw the construction works, and carried out the duties required of a Project Manager

Bedir Bekar

The placement is enabling me to gather ideas for my dissertation and gain valuable experience

Saurabh Ambre

Brunel has a practical approach towards education as students are given the opportunity to work together in teams to build a single seat formula race-car for Formula Student competitions

Nikolay Mikov

I was attracted by the name and reputation of the university, especially in respect to the technical and engineering disciplines including Biomedical Engineering

The atmosphere here is one of a kind, and it really makes you feel welcome and a part of the Brunel family from day one

Warren Bath

What I liked about the MSc was the opportunity to work in both an academic and industry environment

Chanachai Vanaruji

The modules have a wide variety of applications in the real world

— Chanachai Vanaruji
Engineering Management MSc
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Bedros Mardikian

I am now a Subsea Project Engineer working for Subsea 7

Jye Yong Hiah

The lecturers are very approachable and helpful

Daniel Titchmarsh

There were numerous site visits and guest lecturers, most notably the visit to the waste water treatment works in Brighton

— Daniel Titchmarsh
Water Engineering MSc
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Rachel Keenan

The course strives to develop a range of skills that will be useful to a career in biomedical engineering.

Laura Navarra

I chose Brunel because I found the website very interesting, especially the taught modules and course themes and the excellent reputation of the University in engineering research.

Chris Andrews

The content delivered at Brunel got me to the position I am in now at Rolls Royce

Keerati Boonvanich

The modules were exactly what I was looking for

— Keerati Boonvanich
Engineering Management MSc
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There is a great sense of community at Brunel, from sport teams, which are immensely fun to be a part of, to Locos, Academy, your course and various campus activities

Donal Ryan

I was impressed with the facilities, the lab equipment and the modern layout of the campus

Patrick Scannell

The course covered a range of water engineering topics from wastewater treatment right through to ecology

Vincent Breslin

I now have a great knowledge and understanding in specific areas

Alexandra Fernandez

My dissertation was about the challenges of managing projects on a global scale

— Alexandra Fernandez
Engineering Management MSc
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Since I started at Brunel, my biggest achievement has been completing the 2014 Constructionarium with Atkins and Careys

Muntasir Hashim

As a Junior R&D Engineer I devised numerous experiments to improve quality and reliability

I think Brunel’s diversity is one of their main strengths, and I am now happy to have made friends from all over the world

Wittawat Savagapanich

Brunel makes it easy to strike a good work-life balance

Nitin Williams

The Biomedical Engineering course impressed me with its strong emphasis on relevance to Industry. The Course Syllabus has been carefully prepared to reflect the current active research areas and trends in Industry

Each one of the modules was delivered by top professionals and experienced teachers

Aram Samimi

With the specialised knowledge and insights I gained from my course, I started a career in one of the world’s largest medical company in the healthcare industry

Stefanie Lopez Castano

My course has a more practical way of learning through lab work and field trips

Michael Beck

Course content covers best practices, theory, practical examples and current research trends

Raj Arondekar

I was looking for a well-accredited and reputable degree with a placement, top class campus facilities and a nearby town Centre. Brunel had all of these things to offer as a package

Jenna Töyryvuo

I pursued engineering to challenge the status quo, to become a role model for other women, and to show that engineering is fun

Kanza Amanullah

This degree has been fundamental to both obtaining my position and in underpinning the foundations of knowledge that assist me in my career in engineering

Brunel University being a highly acknowledged Technical University in Europe and worldwide and offering state-of-the-art research capabilities and excellent employment prospects was my first choice.

— Vasileia-Kyriakoula Vasilaki
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Antoni Sapina Grau

The MSc and the skills developed after graduating helped me to stand out achieving CIBSE-ASHRAE Graduate of the year. 

— Antoni Sapina Grau
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Kyriakos Sotiriou

My final year project was on joint and connections in composites and hybrid structures

Muthukrishnan Kumarasamy

We had access to CAD, CAM and analysis software and dedicated training sessions

— Muthukrishnan Kumarasamy
Engineering Management MSc
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I wanted a well-respected and accredited degree in a Mechanical Engineering discipline

Rhona MacInnes

As Brunel already has an excellent reputation in Engineering I knew that this MSc must attain the high standards of the other, long running, courses in the department.

Javil Parris

My music award with the Arts Centre opened an avenue through which I have been able to broaden my understanding of my instrument, and music as a whole

Hattan Mujalled

I was impressed with the multi-cultural environment

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