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Get your questions answered #askbruneluni

Whether you're already #goingtobrunel in September or looking to join us through UCAS Clearing, ask us any questions you have about any aspect of life at Brunel.

Your questions answered...

Ask Bruneluni video discussing sport scholarships

What sports scholarships are available at Brunel? How can I apply?

Ask Bruneluni video explaining the sports facilities on campus

What sports facilities are available for students on campus?

Ask Bruneluni video - what is the social life like on campus

What will social life be like on campus?

Ask Bruneluni - Lili explaining what happens when you move into halls

What happens when I move into halls? Will I make friends?

Ask Bruneluni video explaining how you can start your own business with the innovation hub

How can I start up my own business?

How to budget your money at uni

How can I budget my money at uni?

AskBruneluni video explaining welfare and support at Brunel

What welfare and support services are available to Brunel students?

Ask Bruneluni video explaining clearing entry requirements

Will entry requirements drop for courses during Clearing?