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Welcome to the Brunel Sociology and Communication Media Society

Interested in sociology, communications or media? We welcome everyone!

Re-established in 2016, Brunel’s Sociology & Communication Media Society (SocCom) is part of the Union of Brunel Students (UBS) - SocCom is run by students for students. While SocCom is independent from the Department of Social and Political Sciences, we are nonetheless supported by and cooperate with the Department.

Membership to our Society is voluntary and you do not have to be a Sociology or Communication Media student – we welcome all Undergraduates and Postgraduate students who are interested in taking part in our activities and programme of events.

Currently, our membership is free.


SocCom aims to devote its time to ensuring that there is a balance between academic and social life for its members. The Society aims to provide you with a chance to network, through events and guest speakers, and gain employment information and opportunities. Essentially, SocCom offers an interactive space for our members to form a stronger cohort and voice for Sociology & Communications issues at Brunel University.

The four main aims for SocCom are:

  • Offering help and support to all our members during your time here, from all levels of Undergraduate and Postgraduate study
  • Being able to enhance student experience and an opportunity for students to share experiences, improving communications between and amongst all levels
  • Setting up opportunities where students can socialise as well as attend organised academic events, i.e. guest speakers at workshops, seminars & lectures
  • Being a formal representation of the Sociology & Communications programmes of study through its Course Representatives. SocCom aims to ensure that students’ voices are heard and raised at Staff-Student forums and meetings.


The 2017-2018 comittee are:

Chair/president: Ameesha Patel

Web Officers: Simisola Fatona and Gaia Curti

Secretary: Eve Lewis

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