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Digital Economy research group

The Digital Economy research group focuses on cyber security, trust, identity and privacy challenges which arise when data is being processed and exchanged in networked environments.

Our aim is to build on our current funded research successes and ensure that we are positioned in the future to: (i) exploit new Digital Economy (DE) funding opportunities; (ii) have real effects on the economy, business and society; as well as (iii) develop our teaching programmes to properly reflect the DE themes, and provide our students with the skills and competencies fit for the DE.

Over the last four years the Department of Computer Science has built a strong international DE research capability demonstrated through funded projects won from the EPSRC (EP/L005859/1, EP/L021250/1, EP/K009923/1, EP/K012304/1, EP/F063822/1), InnovateUK and FP7 with a DE grant portfolio in excess of £10million during this period.

We draw on excellent industry links e.g. Airbus, AIMIA, British Airways, BSkyB, Capgemini, CapitalOne, Creditsafe, Airbus, Hillingdon Borough Council, Glaxosmithkline, Infectious Media, Lloyds, Merck Serrono, Three, etc) and we are involved in Tech Trails with the Connected Digital Economy, Transport and Smart Cities Catapults.

We have built up resources and capability within the DE theme and have paid attention to the Cyber Security, Trust, Identity and Privacy challenges that automatically arise when data is processed and exchanged in networked environments e.g. personal data from IoT-enabled households. Moreover, we draw on our big data analytics capability to address high priority scientific questions that arise during the course of our DE research activities.

Areas of Interest

Our digital economy research areas of interest:

  • Next generation big data analytics
  • Internet of people and things
  • Smart tools and intelligent technologies
  • Trust, identity, privacy and security
  • Transforming living and working

Contact us

Panos Louvieris
Email: panos.louvieris@brunel.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1895 265 832

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