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Postgraduate programmes

MA Creative Writing: The Novel

We designed this MA quite simply to teach everything we think a new novelist ought to know. It combines a focus on the skills of writing full-length fiction with a clear-eyed exploration of the publishing process and related creative fields. This MA has attracted considerable interest among publishers and literary agents, many of whom participate actively in the programme.


MA Creative Writing

The course has been designed to give expert teaching in a broad range of creative writing. It demonstrates through presentation and practice how to write a novel, an autobiographical memoir, a film script and a feature article, how to teach creative writing, how to organise creative writing events and how to prosper in the creative industries.


Creative Writing: Research Degrees

The Creative Writing PhD offers a student the opportunity to complete a substantial work in an exciting research environment in London with the benefit of the experienced supervision of our tutors. It is an ideal progression from a Master's degree for a writer who intends to establish an academic career in this discipline.