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Student Profiles

Thomas Willet | Creative Writing BA

What is the best thing about studying Creative Writing at Brunel?

I think the best thing about my course is that all our lecturers are research active, which means that they are all writing plays screen plays, novels. This means that we are getting professional teaching and all our work are being looked at by someone who knows the industry well and know what publishers are looking for. 

What are your plans when you graduate?

My plan after graduation is to continue studying, do my Masters and then, if possible, go on to do my PhD at Brunel University London. Studying at Brunel has made me realise how much I enjoy writing and how after studying it for 3 years I don’t want to stop!

What is your advice for anyone considering studying Creative Writing at Brunel University London?

My best advice for anyone thinking of studying Creative Writing at Brunel is to come along to the Open Day and talk to the lecturers about the course. In doing this you’ll also get to experience the atmosphere and buzz around the subject!


charlotte-davisCharlotte Davis | Creative Writing MA

Why did you choose to study at Brunel?

Brunel is one of the UK’s top universities for creative and professional writing. I was so excited to study under author Fay Weldon and learn about using persuasive writing techniques to engage readers. My time at Brunel provided me with a lot of writing and editing skills that helped me to carve out a challenging and exciting career. The school was very inclusive and supportive, making the task of completing a Masters much less daunting.

What was the first job you accepted after graduation?

My very first industry job was SEO Copywriter for Buyagift.com. Here I learned how to use my copywriting techniques to drive website visits and revenue. In order to get the job I pulled together a portfolio of ecommerce copywriting samples, which I gained by offering my services for free to retailers like Firebox. I’ve always stood by the belief that work experience is one of the best ways you can get a leg up in a career space as competitive as Online Copywriting. Nothing wrong with starting out humble!

How did studying at Brunel inform your work?

My course leaders and fellow students really helped me to understand how constructive criticism leads to better content. The peer feedback mechanism and weekly workshops were crucial in teaching me the value of creative review and iteration. There will always be stakeholders for your content and not everyone will agree on the approach you’re taking. To be a successful Online Copy writer you need accuracy, tenacity and a very thick skin! Plus a whole bunch of creativity and a passion for your craft.Please share a project or piece of work you are most proud of.

I am very proud of the Vision Direct content team in general, but one of our projects that has proved most successful is our Baby Sight tool. We produced this simple visual tool to show new parents how their babies see the world. It’s been featured in magazines internationally, many online blogs, medical and lifestyle websites, continuing to deliver RoI over a year and a half since its launch.

What is the best advice you were given at Brunel?

Keep on writing. Even if you feel discouraged. Even if you’re unsure whether your writing is any good. Becoming a good Online Copywriter doesn’t happen overnight; no one was born with an innate knowledge of how to convert website visitors into customers. It’s about staying on top of industry trends, connected to your peers and sharing best practice insights. Oh and drafting, editing, drafting until you’re left with the right words.

What is your best advice for Brunel students pursuing a career in online copywriting?

Online copywriting is a wonderful blend of creativity and analysis. You need to know your audience, understand what they want and give it to them as quickly as possible. Working with short attention spans and small devices really challenges you to ensure your writing is compelling, timely and relevant. If you want to get a leg up in the industry,

I would highly recommend finding a mentor who can guide you in getting started and reaching out to retailers who might offer work experience opportunities. Even if they are not actively advertising open positions, sending them a sample of your writing tailored to their audience, together with a cover letter, is proactive and shows how much you want to be hired. I’m always happy to advise budding copywriters and offer insight where I can.