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Industry standard data systems

Economics and Finance offers to all its students access to the major data systems and data sources that are the standard in the industry and are used worldwide by companies, government and financial institutions.


Bloomberg provides access to a vast array of economic and financial data along with business news. It also provides information on countries, international organisations and prominent individuals. The database is relatively easy to use and if you do get stuck help is available online 24-7 via an interactive help chat window. Bloomberg is the largest economic and financial data provider in the world covering all continents and economies. Ten Bloomberg PCs are located in the Financial Resources Suite on Floor 1 of the Library.


Thomson Reuters Eikon provides access to a vast array of economic and financial data along with business news. It was recently introduced by Thomson Reuters and replaces Reuters 3000 Xtra. Being the main product of Thomson Reuters, Eikon is fast gaining popularity worldwide. Eikon is available on PCs located in the Financial Resources Suite on Floor 1 of the Library.


BankScope is the most popular database on world banks that is crucial for E&F students studying Banking. BankScope and the other two data bases, FAME and Osiris, are provided by Bureau van Dijk and share the same web based interface and can be accessed by our students from any computer. once you have familiarised yourself with one, you should be able to use the others. 


Company and financial data on medium and large UK and Irish businesses, the majority of which are not listed. FAME provides information that the companies submit to Companies House, the UK government agency regulating companies.

Thomson ONE

Provides access to global market data and news, including company accounts, shareholder information, IPO data and information on Mergers and Acquisitions. Data is provided by leading financial sources including Thomson Financial, Compustat and Worldscope.


Datastream provides access to company, economic and financial data from around the world, over many years. It is available the PCs in the data room of the library. All students can book datastream training sessions in the library.


Financial data on international companies, banks and insurance providers provided by Bureau van Dijk.

Econometric and Statistical Software

Economic and financial data are rarely used without analysis. In order to extract maximum information from the data, analyse statistical dependencies, support decision making and prepare catchy presentations we need appropriate econometric and statistical software. Econometric and statistical software available for Economics and FInance students:

  • EViews
  • SAS
  • Stata
  • Mathematica
  • SPSS
  • RATS
  • OxMetrics
  • R

All Economics and Finance students receive training in several econometric and statistical packages. These skills are highly valued by employers.

Econometric and statistical software is either available on all PCs across the campus (e.g. EViews) or in the lab in the Gaskell Building (e.g. SAS or Stata).