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Meet our students

marvin-luzindaMarvin Luzinda

Course: Economics and Accounting BSc

"The lectures are combined with seminars, which work together to prepare you for the exams"

I initially picked Brunel because I didn’t want to be too far from family and Brunel provided a perfect opportunity for that. To me it was a London university without all the ‘Hustle and Bustle’ of the City. It also offered the perfect balance between being vibrant and having good educational standards, and was one of few universities that provided a placement year in conjunction with the course I wanted to study – Economics with Accounting.

The university and course have met everything on my list of expectations, and more. The course itself has been interesting and is mostly exam based with minimal coursework, which suits me perfectly. The lectures are combined with seminars, which work together throughout the year to prepare you for the exams.

Currently I’m on placement in the Brunel University London Operations department, which again has been a new experience. I have been given a long term project to work on alongside the day to day work schedule; everyday there’s something fresh to approach, so the work isn’t repetitive. After university I plan to travel and do some charity work, because it’s something I am passionate about.

Brunel has a lot to offer especially when it comes to extra-curricular opportunities/activities. I was able to take up acting for the first time and also took part in the infamous Varsity – a day of sporting competition against our rivals St Marys University - as a part of the men’s football team. There’s something for everyone at Brunel; as a ‘Brunelian’ you’ll never feel out of place.

RabiaKanwaiRabia Kanwai

Course: Finance and Accounting

"The University has a well-equipped library with ample space, computers and data search points"

I chose Brunel because of its high ranking. It provides up to date learning facilities, such as a well-managed library, Blackboard Learn, computer centre etc., and it has highly qualified teachers who are also excelling in research, business, industry and the public sector. They bring real world experience to their teaching. At the end of the degree you are, no doubt, a professionally minded and competent graduate who can excel in his/her field effectively and efficiently.

I like Brunel’s range of facilities that aid learning. The University has a well-equipped library with ample space, computers and data search points where you can access different software like Bloomberg. The library is also open 24 hours and even on holidays to facilitate learning. The University also provides scholarships, support and welfare facilities, sports facilities, an on-site pharmacy, medical centre and a lot more. What I like most is that staff are very cooperative and always on hand to assist students with their work. It is an excellent place to study and to socialise.

University accommodation is a very nice place to live. It’s a calm place, with sufficient space and rooms. If you are living on campus, all the facilities (e.g. a bank, pharmacy, small shopping store, library, computer centre, lecture centre, sports centre etc.) are no more than 10 minutes away from you. So you have everything in one place!

I would advise new students to manage their workload and not leave assignments to the last minute. It is important to get yourself organised and plan for everything. Do not detract from your original goals and keep reminding yourself of why you joined the University. Give yourself time to settle in and get the most out of your time at Brunel, study well, have fun and enjoy yourself!

I am a part of Brunel’s Islamic Society. I also have many Chinese friends at the University and work with them on cultural festivals, such as Chinese New Year.

I plan to continue my studies after I graduate and enroll on a PhD. I would like to combine my practical industry experience with academia, and eventually become a lecturer at a top class university – delivering both theoretical and practical industry knowledge to students.