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Postgraduate programmes

Our Masters degree programmes at Brunel University prepare students for careers in banking, business, finance and accounting and we also provide a PhD research degree in economics.

Postgraduate degree programmes: 

Banking and Finance MSc
Business Finance MSc
Finance and Accounting MSc
Finance and Investment MSc

You will experience an excellent learning environment, as our teaching is informed by our internationally acclaimed research in financial markets and institutions, macro- and microeconomics, development, financial accounting, corporate governance and econometrics. Many of our academics advise governmental and intergovernmental organisations on economic policy and bring this real-world experience to their teaching, « read less

MSc Finance courses in London

For those looking for a future in a wide range of careers in the financial sector, our four masters degree programmes: MSc Banking and Finance, MSc Business Finance, MSc Finance and Accounting and MSc Finance and Investment at Brunel University London will provide you with the knowledge needed to succeed.
Whether you are looking at developing a successful career in financial institutions, banking regulatory organisations or investment banks, our postgraduate courses in economics and finance will set you on the right track to conquer the competitive world of finance. Even if you are yet to decide which specialised area of finance you wish to focus on, our range of courses will provide the ideal start to your financial career.
Studying in London, you will find yourself in one of the world’s leading financial centres and only a short journey away from The City – London’s famous financial district. If you are striving to reach the top in banking and finance, where could be more inspiring than the square mile? By studying in London you’ll be able to make the right connections at Brunel University and gain the industry know-how to see you through to your next step in your career.
By making use of our links with financial institutions and making the most of the contacts and experience you gain during your time here, you’ll increase your chances of being able to establish yourself in the country’s leading financial institutions.
The ability to prove yourself to be the very best for your chosen financial career is of vital importance, especially in these difficult times. Competition for jobs is higher than ever, and the more experience and knowledge you can demonstrate will enable you to have a higher chance of establishing yourself in the industry.
An MSc in Finance and Accounting will provide you with all the information you need to tackle the financial world with confidence and remain one step ahead of the crowd. You will be able to strive for highly sought after careers in accounting and finance by arming yourself with the knowledge to tackle even the most difficult of questions and problems in these sectors.

Accounting is a vital part of any business and our MSc in Accounting provides a solid platform to develop a career in financial accounting. A masters in accounting will allow you to develop skills to determine corporate risk and company valuations, providing an essential part of a company team.
By developing your knowledge in accounting and ability to problem solve and face financial tasks head on, you’ll be able to demonstrate key qualities for accounting job roles. By establishing your education at Brunel University London, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Our MSc in Finance and Investment provides a solid understanding and approach to the industry and is structured around the syllabus of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute. The MSc Investment course will enable you to enter the industry with knowledge of investment strategies, the evaluation of investment performance, and the use of financial statement information in evaluating company performance.
You could also specialise in investment banking and finance by studying our masters degree in banking and finance. The MSc Banking and Finance programme stands out from other MScs banking courses, as 95% of our academics are nationally and internationally recognised for their research. We also have excellent training facilities with access to a number of professional databases such as Bloomberg.
If you are interested in financial decision making, financial analysis and corporate finance, our MSc in Business Finance offers rigorous training to equip you with the skills needed for a successful career in the financial sector. You will gain more specialised knowledge in company valuation and business economics, and you will have the opportunity to build your knowledge and a portfolio of techniques through our innovative business finance workshop.
Hence, our portfolio of finance masters degree courses offer high quality training in each of their specialist fields in this exciting and challenging sector.