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Postgraduate workshops

Our Workshops are a flagship programme for the MScs providing as they do external experts in their fields, both industry and academic, who give a two hour session to students not only on topics of relevance for their course but also tips on employment and the working life in their particular sectors. Below are photos of the presenters, along with Professors Philip Davis and Ray Barrell who are leading the courses. 

Combined Banking and Finance and Business Finance talks

Part 1. 14:00-16:00 Wednesdays in Room LECT064
1. (week 1) January 7th Paul Mills (London Representative of the IMF) “Threats to global financial stability”
2. (week 2) January 14th Mark Merryweather (Director, Sentinel Group) “Sources of Finance available to Corporations”
3. (week 3) January 21st Nick Tsistianis (Senior Lecturer in Management, Queen Mary and Westfeld, University of London) “Business Models and the Banking Business Model”
4. (week 4) January 28th Ruzhen Li (Head of Research, Enhance Group) “Contemporary Asset Management, in a Boutique and a Conglomerate”
5. (week 5) February 4th David Mitchell (Partner/Valuations, BDO LLP) “Company Valuation Methods”

Week 6 February 11th Reading week

Business Finance talks

Part 2. 14:00-16:00 Wednesdays in Room LECT005
6. (week 7) February 18th Prof Frank Skinner (Brunel) “Financial contracting”
7. (week 8) February 25th Dr. Stavros Dafnos (Brunel) “International Taxation”
8. (week 9) March 4th Prof Guy Liu (Brunel) “Mergers and Acquisitions”
9. (week 10) March 11th Nick Tsitsianis (QMW) “Business models, structure, purpose and evaluation”

Banking and Finance talks

Part 2. 10:00-12:00  Wednesdays in LECT009
6. (week 7) February 18th Glenn Hoggarth (Bank of England) “The Bank of England in UK banking and finance - current policy issues”
7. (week 8) February 25th Prof Rosa Lastra (QMW) “Law, Finance and financial regulation”
8. (week 9) March 4th Prof Menelaos Karanasos (Brunel) “Financial Development and growth”
9. (week 10) March 11th Prof Philip Davis (Brunel and NIESR) Bank financial statements, competition and risk”