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Undergraduate programmes

Flexible programme structure

Our undergraduate degree programmes have a distinctive focus on integrating Economics, Finance and Accounting. First year modules are shared across the five degrees, allowing you time to confirm your final degree choice at the end of the first year.

Work Placement Year Option

All degrees are full-time and can be taken over three years or as a four-year sandwich degree with a Work Placement Year in the third year.

Industry Data Software and Training

Additionally, all degrees include the study of econometrics to help you to develop the key data modelling skills sort after by today’s employers in the financial sector.

You will also be trained in industry standard software tools such as SAP and Bloomberg as well as EViews, Reuters and STATA amongst others. In October 2014, Brunel University London was pleased to host the annual SAS Big Data Skills Festival on the Brunel campus.

Please note that Politics and Economics BSc is offered by the Department of Politics & History. 


Banking and Finance BSc
Economics and Accounting BSc
Economics and Business Finance BSc
Economics and Management BSc
Economics and Mathematics with an Integrated Foundation Year
Economics BSc
Finance and Accounting BSc
Accountancy BSc


Why Brunel

Our programmes are directly informed by our staff’s internationally acclaimed research in financial markets and institutions, macro- and microeconomics, development, financial accounting, corporate governance and econometrics. In addition, many of our staff advise governmental and intergovernmental organisations on economic policy and bring this real world experience to their teaching.

Innovative research

We have world renowned experts who are sought-after by the media and policy makers. Find out more about their influential research in the 'Research Expertise' section (see above).

Exciting placement opportunities

We offer four-year sandwich courses (with Professional Development) as well as three year courses. Our award winning Professional Development Centre provides high quality placement opportunities in a wide range of organisations, which will help you to succeed in the job market. <spanarial","sans-serif"; style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">We are one of the best departments in the UK for emphasising and achieving the high employability of students through our work placement scheme and professional accreditation of some of our financial and accounting modules, for example we are accredited by ACCA.

Recent placements have included the following:

  • Commercial sector placements - members of the International Stock Exchange, banks, large London-based industrial companies, oil companies, management consultancies, accounting firms and other organisations
  • Public sector placements - HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, Department of Trade and Industry

Our graduates continue on to obtain some of the most prestigious employment opportunities in the world, including Goldman Sachs, Bank of England, FSA, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and Touche, Standard and Poor's, RBS, JP Morgan, and Shell

Flexible programme structure

<spanarial","sans-serif"; style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">We offer not only a flexible programme structure that allows students to transfer across programme at the end of the first year, but also a wide range of courses and modules for students to learn a broad range of topics within economics, finance and accounting for their future competitiveness in job markets.

A truly interdisciplinary approach

At Brunel, you can make the most of the interdisciplinary research our academics undertake and you have the opportunity to study a range of disciplines within the field of economics and finance.

Learn more about our scholarships, research expertise and activities in the above sections.

Research expertise 

Research and teaching

We are one of the best departments in the UK to provide research-led teaching with great emphasis on fostering research capability of students through our dissertation programme, which is highly valued by employers.

You will be taught by leading experts in their field and you will benefit from the strong support we offer students. You will also get hands-on experience of using state-of-the-art information technology both for accessing various information resources in economics and finance, including Reuters and Bloomberg, and for processing data such as Stata, Eview and other statistical software.

Experts who are highly sought-after by the media and policy makers

We have talented experts in their field who are engaged in a wide range of influential research activity which is sought-after by policy makers and is regularly covered by the media.

Business life 

Employability Skills Programme

Business Life is has been developed and delivered in association with professional institutes, leading employers from industry and the public sector, to help you to develop practical skills and business sector knowledge that you can put to use before and after you graduate. Originally launched by Brunel Business School for students of Business & Management, Business Life now enables Brunel students from a variety of academic disciplines to network and work together through a series of Business Life phases.

Business Life has been developed and delivered in association with professional institutes, leading employers from industry and the public sector

Running alongside our students' academic degree courses, the Business Life programme offers a range of courses, workshops and events to professionally develop them students through a journey of phases.

Essential skills students need to self-manage learning, determine a career path and operate in today’s workplace.

Dedicated to helping students explore different career options, decide where interests lie and formulate a plan for achieving goals.

Providing events and opportunities for students to apply the skills they have learnt along their journey and build up a professional network of contacts.

As students progress through the programme journey they begin to build up a portfolio of extra-curricular activities and professional skills that are recorded on a transcript each academic year for students to use as a starting block to build their portfolio and update their CV.

Ongoing Development   
Lifelong development providing you with continuous career support and development as a Brunel Business School Alumni.

Business Life Student Ambassadors Scheme   
In a voluntary role, Brunel students can apply to join the Business Life team and gain work experience by taking and an active role in in the strategic marketing, product development and live event management with the opportunity of a personal reference for successful candidates. Recruitment of additional Business Life ambassadors will commence in September 2015.


Active student societies and events

You will have the opportunity to become a member of our student societies, which are run independently by students, including the Economics and Finance Society. Each society organises a range of events and activities.