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Urban Scholars is an intervention programme which aims to work through strong partnerships with local authorities, schools and parents to create challenging and enriching experiences for able and potentially able students who need additional opportunities to enhance their academic performance, self-confidence, critical thinking, teamwork and presentational skills. 

The programme is based on the latest research, and our aim is to enhance student academic performance, aspirations and life chances. 

We encourage the scholars to develop intellectual curiosity and follow their interests and passions. We support them in raising their aspirations to be engaged in higher levels of learning and become lifelong learners.

The Urban Scholars Programme at Brunel University


Our sponsors

We would like to acknowledge the following sponsors. Without their support, the Urban Scholars Programme would not have materialised. A grant from the Moody’s Foundation in 2003 enabled us to launch the programme, and their grants have continued to support the Urban Scholars. The third Moody’s cohort joined us earlier this year.

Grants from the SHINE Trust and Education Development Trust have enabled us to assess the effectiveness of the programme using robust evidence, and we have refined the programme using ongoing practice-based evidence.