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Brunel students launch successful balloon mission to the edge of space

Omar God and Essam Omar succeeded in reaching the edge of space last month, when balloon mission BR05 ascended to 108,300ft and was retrieved intact with video footage and photographs of its voyage.

The two final year BEng Computer Systems Engineering & Electronic Engineering students joined forces with five students from Bishop Ramsey Church of England School in Ruislip as part of The Brunel Balloon Project. Their aim was to send two balloons; BR04 and BR05 to record images from 100,000 feet - the edge of space.

After spending seven months in preparation the balloons were launched from a field outside Bath on Sunday, 26 February.

Brunel’s Dr Konstantinos Banitsas who oversaw the project reported, “Weather was not our friend as 30 mph winds and rain made it almost impossible to launch. However, we successfully retrieved BR05 after it reached 108300ft. Its mission was to take pictures of the sun setting behind the Earth’s atmosphere. Despite our very best efforts, we lost BR04 as its telemetry have gone behind the horizon and the beaconing signal only had power for eight hours. Take a moment and feel proud of our students who made this possible.”

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