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Student profiles

Read our student profiles to find out what it’s really like to be a Electronic and Electrical Engineering student at Brunel.

Lorenzo, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

I chose to study at Brunel as it is a leading university in the engineering field and it offers courses which are always updated and in accordance to the leading technology with great practical experience thanks to the projects.

Electronic and Computer Engineering is one of the most interesting and skillful courses since you get to know how computers works at the hardware level as well as learning the most important programming languages highly demanded by companies.

The course also gives you the ability to develop your skills further by combining hardware and software together and designing digital/analog systems provided of a microcontroller together with sensors.

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) provided me with great support for CV writing and interview practice along with great feedback from an experienced HR Recruiter. During my second year I had the privilege of presenting my second year project at the Brunel Engineering Showcase.

My second year project was a microcontoller system integrated with cloud communication that could sense the pressure on the pedals of a bicycle, speed, inclination and gear ratio being used.

Mohamad, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

I am currently a second year student at Brunel University going to year three with a projected 1st class degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering.

So far during my time at Brunel I can safely say that my skills have improved exponentially. Whether it is technical or people skills, the University's academic staff work with us on a personal level to help us reach a professional standard.

The Engineering department has one of the best programmes for placement/job preparations. The programmes include extensive work on student CV's and Interview skills. Thanks to their efforts I managed to get interviews with companies like Rolls Royce and IBM, with the latter company giving me a placement offer.

The Engineering department also tests its students with exciting project assignments that one can be proud of. I personally was assigned to build and program a pulsioximeter which is responsible for heart rate monitoring and determining oxygen levels in the blood. Having such intense projects and experiences in my CV are great factors that impress employers.

Brunel has one of the best campuses in London. The University is set in Uxbridge which is a village-like town rather than a city which offers a calm and soothing atmosphere for studying. The campus also has a number of restaurants so students aren't restricted to one choice, my favourite would be Subway. Also, the University has its own Hotel on campus which adds a bit of class and is appropriate for visitors.

Overall, Brunel University London has taught me more in two years than I could have ever imagined and I am forever grateful. Hopefully I will continue to make the University and my professors proud in the future.