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Undergraduate programmes

Film and Television Studies BA

Our programme offers an innovative and flexible approach to the study of film and television. You will be given the chance to explore a wide range of material, from both analytical and practical perspectives. Our modules are designed to give you a highly up-to-date understanding of the world of film and television, a crucial part of the contemporary social and media landscape.

Our main strength is our teaching team, a fact reflected in the very positive responses our modules get from student feedback. A key feature of the course is that our tutors teach material that relates directly to their own research interests, publications or film-making. That means you’ll often be taught by figures who don’t just use textbooks written by others but who have helped to define the shape of their own fields and are internationally recognized researchers.

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Film and Television Studies and English BA

Adding English as a joint honour will provide you with a varied, challenging, and enjoyable programme. Alongside our dynamic Film and TV modules, you will engage in in-depth study of the major areas of English literature from the Renaissance to the most recent publications in poetry, fiction and drama, whilst developing an informed understanding of current debates in the subject.

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Film Production BA

The new BA in Film Production aims to develop the creative, practical, technical, cultural and interpersonal knowledge and skills associated with professional film production. Combining the production and theory of visual digital media, it is the perfect starting point for those interested in pursuing the career in Film, TV, Communications or Media.

You’ll learn and develop skills in key areas of contemporary film production. Practical work and real filmmaking make up a large part of the course; ensuring graduates are prepared and proficient for work across the creative industries. The course will also provide an in-depth focus on film and media as a means of social and political engagement, providing a well-rounded insight into the world of Film Production.

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Film Production and Theatre BA

Adding Theatre is a smart way to study and specialise in a wide variety of skills-based strands ranging from Acting, Digital Performance, Directing, and Playwriting. All within creative and nurturing environment by staff who are cutting edge academics and industry specialists. Alongside learning and developing the key skills and approaches of contemporary film production, you’ll improve the practical and interpersonal skills you’ll need to become successful in applying your knowledge within the creative industries.

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We are committed to equipping you with the skills and experience for the jobs market. We have an extensive range of contacts in film and television production distribution and exhibition in London, as well as in media public relations and marketing. We are often approached by media companies looking for students to help out on specific projects and you will be encouraged to seek out work experience throughout your time on the programme. All final year students are offered the opportunity to take a dedicated work experience module that involves industry placement.