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Fleming Hall

Fleming Hall

Fleming Hall is a large, modern residence located at the heart of the campus. The hall comprises 380 bedrooms arranged into 52 flats, each with a shared kitchen.

16 of the 52 flats have been converted to 24volt LED lighting in student rooms supplied from Maslow Units. A Maslow Unit consists of dual 24volt batteries  and charger which is remotely controlled to operate at periods of low electricity demand. In addition photovoltaic panels on the roof charge the batteries direct reducing the need for mains electricity charging and also storing the electricity produced.

168 Photovoltaic Cells totalling 286mare located on the roof of Fleming Hall. Photovoltaic Cells generate electricity when exposed to direct sunlight and this installation is estimated to produce 36,000 kWh per year – which is equivalent to 16 tonnes CO2e carbon reduction.

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