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History, Politics and International Relations Research Contact List

International Relations

Dr Kristian Gustafson
Senior Lecturer
Professor Matthew Hughes
Professor - Military History
Dr John Macmillan
Senior Lecturer
Professor Matthew Seligmann
Divisional Lead/Professor - Politics/History
Dr Steven Wagner
Lecturer in International Security
Dr Steve Pickering
Senior Lecturer in International Relations
Dr Richard Hammond
Lecturer in War Studies
Dr Daniela Richterova
Lecturer in Intelligence Studies


Comparative Politics, Public Policy & Political Thought 

Dr Gareth Dale
Senior Lecturer
Dr Filippo Del Lucchese
Professor Justin Fisher
Head of Department - Social & Political Sciences
Dr Martin Hansen
Lecturer in Politics
Professor Jeffrey Karp
Professor - Political Science
Professor Mark Neocleous
Dr Niall Palmer
Dr Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt
Senior Lecturer
Dr Peter Thomas
Senior Lecturer in the History of Political Thought
Dr Varun Uberoi
Senior Lecturer in Political Theory and Public Policy
Dr Stuart Fox
Dr Manu Savani
Lecturer in Public Policy


International History

Dr Alison Carrol
Senior Lecturer in Politics And History
Dr Inge Dornan
Dr Martin Folly
Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Linehan
Lecturer in History
Professor Kenneth Morgan
Professor - History
Dr Hannah Whittaker
Senior Lecturer


Our research centres/groups contacts

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