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Online English for Beginners

Raise your level of English in 10 to 11 weeks for your own purposes and/or to reach a high enough level to join one of our General or Academic English programmes. 

Maximum class size: 6

Minimum age: 17

Face-to-face online hours: 1.5 per day Monday to Friday

Optional online guided independent study: up to 2 hours per day

Optional assessment: online test

 Available courses:

Online only for Beginners to Pre-intermediate June 2023 start
21 June 2023 - 1 September 2023 Level 1 £4,773
21 June 2023 - 1 September 2023 Level 2 £4,773
21 June 2023 - 1 September 2023 Level 3 £4,773
  • Listening (for overall meaning and detail)
  • Speaking (conversation and pronunciation)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing short texts
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary (recognising and understanding spoken and written words, pronouncing clearly and using correctly)

Course Assessment

At the end of the programme, all students following the programme will sit the Brunel English Language Test (BrunELT). You will be tested on your writing, reading, speaking and listening skills and will receive a score for each component as well as an overall score. 

Progression onto Further language courses

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To apply for Online Beginners, you must have:

  • Taken a recognised English qualification, such as IELTS (if you have not taken a recognised English test please contact to request a Placement Test)

Entry Requirements for 2022/23

The entry requirements onto the beginner English courses are*:

Course level  IELTS
 Level 1

 0 - 1

 Level 2

 2 - 3

 Level 3

 3 - 4+

*Note that each candidate will also be assessed before their course starts to make sure they are placed in the most appropriate level.


Bring your English up to a level high enough to join one of our Pre-sessional English or English@Brunel courses