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Part-time courses for Professionals

 Study English with us at your own convenience while in the UK or in your home country. 

Study face-to-face online with Brunel Language Centre once a week, or more, and hone your skills in whichever area you wish to improve. This may be anything from Everyday English, English for Presentations, English for Meetings and Negotiating Skills to English for Medicine or Teaching.

Whatever your work needs, we are here to help you communicate with confidence. Choose to study in a small group of like-minded people from across the globe or enjoy exclusive one-to-one training. 

Choose the areas you wish to focus on. You may wish to focus on one or more of the areas below, or do let us know if there is an area not listed that you wish to pursue.

  • Pronunciation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Everyday English
  • English for meetings and negotiating
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Development
  • Reading and Writing
  • English for a Specific Career (eg Medicine, Sport, Engineering, Teaching, etc)

Course Assessment

Participants can choose whether or not they undertake an assessment and in which areas of English they wish to be assessed. Participants who choose to be assessed will receive a formal certificate stating the level of English they have achieved in the areas they have been assessed.

Assessment can be continuous throughout the course and/or based on coursework or a test.

Progression onto Future Studies

To progress onto an academic course at Brunel you will need to pass the required BrunELT score to meet the language requirements for your academic programme. You will usually not need to take any other English Test.

To apply for English for Professionals, you should:

  • notify us of which qualification you currently have (eg School certificate, IELTS or Duolingo, etc) or take a short placement test.

You can Apply online here (Please note the minimum age for all our courses is 17).


Part-time courses for Professionals