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Brunel - Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship (BBAES) 2023/24

The Brunel Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship is a 50% tuition fee scholarship worth up to £32,205 (based on a Tuition Fee of £21,470) covering up to three years of an undergraduate course at Brunel University London. International fee paying students from Beaconhouse School System in Pakistan are eligible to apply. 

1. Scholarship details

Brunel University London is pleased to announce two (2) 50% scholarships available to current students from the Beaconhouse network of schools in Pakistan for entry into full-time undergraduate level studies. The Scholarship will be paid once for each eligible level of study, subject to meeting progression requirements.

Value:   50% tuition fee scholarship available for September 2023. Each scholarship is applied per year for up to three years- covering up to £32,205 in tuition fee (based on a Tuition Fee of £21,470). The Scholarship awards do not cover living, accommodation, and student visa costs; students must have sufficient funds to cover the required amounts.   

How many:  2 scholarships available

2. How to apply

The scholarship is available to current Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan) applicants on any undergraduate programme starting in September 2023. Applicants should apply for their chosen course through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Brunel's institution code is B84 BRUNL. Direct applications through a recognised agent are also welcome.

Applicants must also complete the scholarship application form by the 30 April 2023. The scholarship will be allocated in August prior to entry in September 2023.

Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing:

3. Eligibility

To be considered for the Brunel Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship an applicant must: 

  • Have been assessed by Brunel University London as an international fee paying student. Applicants who are unsure of their fee status should note Brunel uses the information they have provided in their application form to assess fee status against regulations set by the UK government. For information on these regulations please visit the independent organisation UKCISA’s website.
  • Be a registered student at one of the Beaconhouse network Schools in Pakistan.
  • Satisfy the entry criteria for admission to their chosen programme of study and have an offer to study on an undergraduate programme of study starting in September 2023 only.
  • Must make Brunel University London their Firm choice through UCAS by 31 May 2023.
  • All scholarships are allocated in applicants first year only and then continue yearly until they graduate (3-years).
  • Currently reside/have permanent residence or be a national of Pakistan.
  • Must achieve one of the following qualifications and grades:
    • 4 A-Levels with grades AAAA or above
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma with 37 points or above
    • BTEC Level 3 Extended National Diploma with DDD PLUS a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma grade D.

(UCAS tariff equivalencies or combinations of qualifications will not be accepted)

  • Scholarship holders will represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout their time at the University and will be expected to assist with peer support and promotional activities as required. Scholarship winners will be contacted by the International Recruitment or Marketing team as and when your participation is required.

Those not eligible for this scholarship:

  • Current Brunel students on a full-time undergraduate programme or students on Brunel Language Centre’s English@Brunel or Pre-Sessional English courses or students undertaking a pathway course through Brunel Pathway College (BPC / LBIC).
  • Those that have been in receipt of a Brunel International Scholarship previously, either as part of current or earlier studies or those that have been awarded the Brunel International Scholarship in any previous academic year.
  • Students who have made Brunel their Firm choice in Clearing or Adjustment.
  • Students who transfer from another institution.
  • Those registering on the Medicine MBBS course.
  • Those on the final year of the MEng, MMath, MMath in Financial Mathematics or MSci in Environmental Science.
  • Applicants entering the University in Level 5/Year 2 will not be considered for any scholarship or bursary.

4. Allocation

    4.1 Eligibility criteria are reviewed annually.
    4.2 Following the Firm choice deadline in May 2023, Brunel representatives will assess applications received by the scholarship application deadline date and will provisionally identify the top 10 candidates from across the Beaconhouse network.  This short list will be shared with Beaconhouse. In June 2023 the top 5 applicants will be interviewed and selected by a Brunel Scholarship Panel consisting of the International Recruitment Manager and the Scholarship Manager. Applications will be considered based on their academic merit and supporting scholarship application. The two 50% scholarship winners will be confirmed in August, after the release of A Level results. Dates are subject to change.
    4.3 Scholarships are awarded to those who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation.
    4.4 Applicants are considered for scholarships using the information provided at the time of their application. Scholarships cannot be backdated.
    4.5 Scholarships are awarded for the September entry of the academic year 2023/24 and will not be deferred to later years or months of entry. 
    4.6 Deferred applicants will be considered for a scholarship in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application.
    4.7 The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.

    5. Conditions of Payment

        5.1 The scholarship constitutes a tuition fee 50% waiver. No cash alternative or assistance towards living/ accommodation costs will be offered.
        5.2 Scholarship winners will not be eligible for the Beaconhouse School Discount.
        5.3 This scholarship is only available to full-time students and will only be paid once for each eligible level of study, subject to meeting progression requirements, regardless of the reason for repeating a level.
        5.4 Fee waivers will only be made providing:
        a) The student is enrolled at the University on a listed undergraduate degree programme of at the time of the payment.
        b) The student progresses to the next level of study, scholarship payments will not be made during a repeating year until the student has satisfactorily progressed to the next level.
        5.5 In order to retain their Brunel- Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship, students must evidence their Academic Excellence by maintaining a First Class profile at the end of Level 4 (Year 1) and Level 5 (Year 2). This profile is based on that which must be achieved in order to obtain a First Class Honours Degree. A student must achieve the requirements set out in Senate Regulations 2  Appendix A.
        5.6 Subject to meeting annual progression criteria, the tuition fees will be adjusted for each year of a full time course, up to a maximum of three years excluding the placement year, subject to the student meeting annual progression criteria.
        5.7 Where a scholarship award spans more than one year, students will be written to in September to confirm ongoing eligibility to recieve their scholarship award.
        5.8 All awards will comprise a 50% tuition fee waiver off the cost of tuition fees for the academic year 2023/4. This fee waiver will be continued in subsequent years and is not applicable to any additional fees such as resubmission or module resit fees.
        5.9 The scholarship replaces the deposit of £3000. The scholarship winner will not be required to pay the £3000 deposit for their course in order to receive an unconditional offer and a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS).
        5.10 Scholarship awards will not be credited towards tuition fees until the applicant has fully enrolled at Brunel University London, which includes having had their qualifications and other documentation verified and checked, and then completing the University enrolment procedures. This includes holding the correct visa to study.
        5.11 The scholarships cannot be combined with any other Univeristy bursary, discount or awards.
        5.12 If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship/bursary, s/he will be awarded the one which will be the most financially beneficial across the full course duration.
        5.13 Students who are eligible for the Brunel Beaconhouse Academic Excellence Scholarship cannot be awarded any other scholarship or discount, including any College Scholarship or International Scholarship.
        5.14 Scholarship awardees who have already paid the full course fees will recieve a refund once they have met all conditions of their offer and enrolled onto their main course in person.
        5.15 This scholarship is not payable in the Masters year in the integrated degrees in Mathematics and Engineering because the course fee has been set at the national basic rate i.e. £3,000. 
        5.16 The scholarship tuition fee waiver will be available to the applicant only, no commission may be claimed by a third party (i.e. an agency).

      6. Withdrawal of Scholarship

          6.1 The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.
          6.2 A student who withdraws from their chosen programme of study prior to completion of Term 1 will not normally be requested to repay scholarship payments made up to withdrawal; however, the University reserves the right to charge tuition fees for the period between the start of the course and the date of withdrawal. A student in receipt of a scholarship who withdraws from their programme during their first year will not normally be requested to repay the scholarship. Any tuition fee liability remaining at the point of withdrawal is therefore calculated in accordance with Council Ordinance 10, (Student Centre to confirm which clause).
          6.3 A student electing to take a period of temporary withdrawal (abeyance) will only receive the scholarship once at the start of the course. If tuition fees remain due when returning from a period of temporary withdrawal then these would need to be paid upon return.
          6.4 Fee waivers applied at the start of an academic year will not be amended once the fee has been processed. Any tuition fee liability remaining after fee reductions are applied will therefore be calculated in accordance with the Student Financial Policy.
          6.5 Periods of temporary withdrawal that result in repeat or extended periods of study are not supported by additional scholarship payments. Scholarship/bursary entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.
          6.6 Should a student be suspended for any reason, scholarship payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.
          6.7 Students who commence their studies and alter a course that involves starting again at Level 4 (Year 1) will not normally be eligible for scholarship consideration against the new course.

      Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing: 

      Brunel University London is the data controller of your personal data and is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (the ‘GDPR’). As part of the scholarship application process, additional information may be requested from you. This information can include, contact details, educational details, academic background, source of funding.

      This information will solely be used by the Brunel University London Admissions Scholarships team to assess your scholarship application and refer it to the Brunel International Recruitment team for further assessment.

      This information will not be transferred to a third party with the exception of the Beaconhouse School Network in Pakistan, the school from which you are applying to Brunel from.  For further information please refer to the (Data protection policy).

      If you have any questions about how your information is being used, please contact


      Beaconhouse School Discount

      We are offering an automatic 20% tuition fee waiver (per year for up to three years) guaranteed for all current Beaconhouse students coming to Brunel University London for direct first year entry.

      All Beaconhouse undergraduate offer holders in Pakistan who have met the entry criteria stated on their Brunel offer letter will be eligible for a tuition fee waiver up to £4,294 (Based on a Tuition Fee of £21,470) for September 2023. This is an automatic award with no additional application form. Speak to your guidance counsellor for more information.

      However please note that BBAES award winners will not be eligible for this scheme and can only benefit from the BBAES scheme alone.

      If you have any questions please contact the Scholarship team by email at

      Updated on: 17 January 2023