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Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2018/9 (January entry)

Brunel University London is pleased to offer a prestigious package of scholarships for International students. The scholarship scheme is for self-funded students only and is based on academic achievement. We will award scholarships to applicants who most closely meet or exceed the criteria for the award.

To apply you need to have received an offer to study on an eligible course starting in January 2019.

Award details

1 award of a £3,000 cash award in the first year of study only.

Available to international students who are nationals of, and residing in, one of the following Santander Universities network countries at the time of application, namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela. Other countries may be considered at Brunel’s discretion.

Applicants must have applied for a postgraduate taught or postgraduate research programme starting in January 2019 and have achieved the international equivalent of a UK upper second class honours degree (2:1) or higher.

How to apply?

To be considered for a Santander Scholarship applicants must complete a different application form which requires a personal statement by midnight [GMT] by the deadline of 7 December 2018.

Successful applicants will be contacted within four weeks of the deadline. Should any scholarship funds remain unallocated, we reserve the right to offer a limited number of scholarships to late applicants. We will endeavour to make awards until all available funds are allocated.

Awards will be finalised once all offer conditions have been met in January.

Scholarship holders may be expected to represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout their time at the University and to participate occasionally in various activities to help promote the University. This might include hosting tours of the campus and its facilities, providing administrative support at Open Days, participating in social media and other marketing activity as required. Scholarship winners will be contacted by the International Recruitment or Marketing team as and when participation is required.

Am I eligible?

Applicants for an International scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Must be classed as Overseas for fees purposes and be self-funded (not sponsored).
  • Must have an offer to study on a postgraduate taught or postgraduate research programme starting in January 2019.
  • Must complete the relevant Scholarship application by 7 December 2018 for January entry.
  • Must have firmly accepted their course offer by the scholarship deadline date (7 December 2018).

2.2 Those not eligible for these Scholarships

  • Applicants NOT classed as Overseas for fees purposes.
  • Applicants who are not self-funded and are being sponsored by a Government or external body.
  • The International Excellence Scholarship is not available to Postgraduate Research applicants (i.e. PhD, MPhil).

Terms and conditions


3.1 Scholarships will be awarded conditionally by the Allocation Panel and applicants will be notified by late December 2018. They will then be formally awarded in January following receipt of exam results.


3.2 Candidates will be considered based on their academic achievement.

3.3 Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation will be considered for scholarships using the information provided at the time of their course application only and cannot be considered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Scholarships cannot be backdated.


3.4 International scholarships cannot be combined with any other University scholarship, bursary, discount or award, with the exception of the 2% prompt payment discount. This will be deducted from the tuition fees remaining after the scholarship discount has been applied at enrolment.


3.5 If an applicant is eligible for more than one scholarship, such as a College Specific Scholarship (International Deans Scholarship for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy or the MBA scholarship) they will be awarded the scholarship which will be the most financially beneficial across the full course duration.


3.6 Scholarships are awarded for the January entry of the academic year 2018/19 only and cannot be deferred to later months or years of entry. Course applicants who intend to defer their studies will lose any award they have been made and must re-apply for a scholarship in the year they will begin their studies.


3.7 Scholarship awards are decided by the International Allocation Panel and all decisions are final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.4. Conditions of payment


4.1 Scholarship awardees receiving tuition fee waivers or a cash award will be responsible for paying the remainder of their tuition fees after the scholarship contribution is deducted from the total fees for the academic year.


4.2 Scholarship awardees receiving a cash award - the £3,000 cash payment will be paid in three instalments in year 1 of their chosen course.  (Please see below for the payment dates)

4.3 Scholarship awardees receiving tuition fee waivers- the tuition fee will be reduced by £6,000 in year 1 of their chosen course.


4.4 The scholarship does not replace the deposit of £3,000. All scholarship winners will need to pay the £3,000 deposit for their course in order to receive an unconditional offer and a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). The amount of their scholarship will be deducted from the remaining fees.


4.5 International scholarships are a single contribution for the first of study only and will not be continued in subsequent years.


4.6 Successful applicants will not be eligible to apply for this scholarship programme in subsequent years (i.e. If you are successful in achieving a scholarship for an undergraduate course at Brunel in Year one, you will not be able to apply for the scholarship again in Year two, nor will you be able to apply for the scheme again if you choose to do a postgraduate course at the University).


4.7 The fee waiver or cash award will only be applied providing the student is fully enrolled at the University on a full time Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research program of study for the Santander Scholarship, which includes having had their qualifications and other documentation verified and checked, and then completing the University enrolment procedures. This includes holding the correct visa to study.


4.8 Students must supply relevant UK bank details via eVision in early January no later than the first day of term 1.


4.9 Payment dates for cash scholarship awards, payment will be made as follows:1st Payment - 1 March 20192nd Payment - 14 June 2019


4.10 Scholarship awardees who have already paid the full course fees can visit the Student Centre to request a refund of any overpayment; once they have met all conditions of their offer and enrolled onto their main course in person.5. Withdrawal of scholarship


5.1 Misleading information: The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.


5.2 Mode of Attendance Change: If a student changes to different mode of study, their eligibility for a scholarship will be reviewed. The scholarship will be withdrawn if the change is from full time to part time or distance learning.


5.3 Course Change: If a student changes course within the academic year but remains at the same level of study, this will have no impact on the award.


5.4 Abeyance/Temporary Withdrawal: A student who takes a period of temporary withdrawal (abeyance) and who is in receipt of a scholarship award would cease to receive scholarship payments whilst temporarily withdrawn. Scholarship payments made prior to temporarily withdrawing will not generally be requested to be repaid and remaining payments would generally be paid once the student returns to complete that level of study.


5.5 Suspension of Study: Should a student be suspended for any reason, scholarship payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.


5.6 Repeat/Extended Study: Periods of temporary withdrawal that result in repeat or extended periods of study are not supported by additional scholarship payments. Scholarship entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.


5.7 Withdrawal from Study: A student who withdraws from their programme prior to completion and who is in receipt of a scholarship award will not normally be requested to repay scholarship payments made up to the point of withdrawal. However, entitlement to all future scholarship payments and/or adjustments cease immediately a student withdraws.


5.8 Fee Waiver Amendments: Fee waivers are applied at the start of the academic year as part/all of a scholarship entitlement and will not normally be amended once the fee waiver has been processed. Any tuition fee liability remaining after fee waivers are applied would therefore be calculated in accordance with Student Financial Policy. In the case of withdrawal or abeyance the tuition fee and the fee waiver are calculated in accordance with Student Financial Policy.