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The role of a scholarship student

If your scholarship application is successful you’ll be required to act as an ambassador for Brunel University London. Scholarship duties are designed to fit around your studies and will take up on average no more than one hour per week.

Scholarship duties may include some of the following:

  • A formal awards ceremony hosted by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Representing our University when meeting VIPs from the student's home country. 
  • Providing a student profile for our publications, both online and in print.
  • Being part of one of our photoshoots.
  • Sharing your experiences with applicants, which could be via social media, online chats or face to face at events on campus.
  • A formal dinner at the end of term to thank you for your hard work

You will not be expected to perform all of the tasks above. Generally you’ll pick 3-4 things from the list above that are most suited to you. The only exceptions to these are the awards ceremony and the student profile, both of which are required.

Current scholarship students


Julia Sterling
, Canada

MSc Occupational Therapy

I very much enjoy studying here, as we have access to state-of-the-art equipment, experienced lecturers and a lot of student support. I have also met some incredible colleagues in my department, and like learning from each other's past experiences. If you are new to Brunel, make sure you get involved with activities, both within your cohort and the University as a whole.

Tianao Jiang, China

International Business MSc

If you would like to have a fantastic study and work environment in the UK, Brunel must be one of the best Universities. The accommodation on campus provides comfortable, en-suite rooms with amazing kitchens and amenities. You can really enjoy your time in London, as it’s not far from the centre and the cost of living is not very expensive. 

Rabia Kanwal, 

MSc Finance and Accounting

Brunel was my first choice because it has a high ranking and is one of the world’s top universities. It provides up to date study and learning facilities, like a well-managed library, Blackboard Learn, computer centres etc. and has highly qualified teachers who excel in research, business, industry and the public sector. They bring real world experience to their teaching.

Jelani Robertson
, Trinidad and Tobago

Sport & Exercise Psychology

I chose Brunel because of the amazing graduate career opportunities in my field of study, which not only demonstrate the high quality relationships between Brunel staff and notable sporting organisations, but also indicate the calibre of student that Brunel produces in this discipline. Additionally, as I am an avid athlete, the first-rate sporting facilities on campus strongly appealed to me.

Top tips from previous international scholarship holders:

"When filling in the Scholarship application form, make sure that you give a good picture of who you are. Mention everything that you have been doing for the last couple of years in different aspects of your life."

“Make sure you put all your documents as one attachment, as one attachment is all you can add on the form! Also avoid adding pictures.”

"Talk about what separates you from other applicants, and about yourself in a way that brings together aspects of your personality and achievements with those of Brunel. Don't repeat yourself - include different information in each question to give a more holistic view of yourself - and to prevent anyone reading it from getting bored!"

“Be prepared to take on the ambassadorial duties required of Scholarship winners. Not only are they part of the agreement, they could also give you exposure and experience in different areas, which you can add to your CV and help you to stand out.”

"Being a Scholarship student is a nice experience, you get to go to events and meet people from different countries and disciplines. There is always something to do and getting involved makes the most of your time here. It's not just about studying in the library - it's about making the most of the social, artistic and sporting activities."