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Careers and your future in Journalism

Journalism at Brunel is focused on creating graduates that are confident and capable of handling the demands of such a competitive field.

Our exciting degrees address the current needs of industry through a rigorous grounding in the fundamentals – writing, reporting, sourcing and solid editorial judgement. The course will also enable you to develop a critical and in-depth understanding of the media industry that will help you succeed in the fast-changing digital world.

We build your employability into every level of this degree and you’ll develop highly transferable skills. In the first year, you’ll create your CV and apply for work experience. Many of our students carry out short-term work at local and online newspapers. In the second year, we’ll encourage you to apply for internships, particularly on local radio stations, magazines and online sites. Our students have undertaken internships at the BBC, Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera. Some progress to local and regional journalism; print, online or broadcast journalism; or work with magazines and periodicals. Others secure jobs in PR, marketing, event management and TV research and production.

Our alumni can be found at the BBC World Service, The Independent, news and feature agencies, local papers, international magazines and the trade press. They work as news reporters, feature writers, production journalists and sub-editors.