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Law student profiles

Read our student profiles to find out what it’s really like to be a Law student at Brunel University London. 

temitayo-oguntadeTemitayo, Law LLB

I am an Aspiring Barrister. I chose Brunel because of its amazing reputation for professional placements. The chance to study with lecturers who are also leading academics in their respective fields was particularly exciting for me. What really sealed the deal was the idea of a campus based university in London. This increases social interaction and opportunities for students to participate in activities outside of their studies.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my modules so far. Most of my learning takes place preparing for my seminars. This is where answers to questions are prepared in advance before attending the seminar. I can then share my ideas, listen to others and seek clarification on difficult areas.

Beyond the classroom, I participate heavily in Mooting; an oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court, even more so at Brunel as the finals for the 2012/2013 competition were held at the UK Supreme Court. Mini pupillages were awarded and I was one of the lucky recipients. I completed my mini pupillage with the head of chambers at 2 Dr Johnson’s Buildings. I attended criminal and family law proceedings in different courts in and around London.

Saying YES to practical experience in the legal industry was a no-brainer for me. Until you have actually seen how anything works in practice, you can never fully understand it. The most astonishing aspect of a placement is coming to the realisation that legal practice is very different from legal studies. My placement compelled me to think beyond my textbooks and I have come to the realisation that commercial awareness is not a myth! It is in fact very vital in decision making within any establishment. This specialist knowledge in a particular area is what separates you from other candidates. It is not just an extra year at university; it is arguably the most pivotal year. Whether or not you finish placement with a strengthened or faded interest in your subject area, the contacts and relationships you have built during that year will be invaluable when progressing to the next stage in your career.

Koen, LLM International Trade Law

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing a master’s degree in international trade law at Brunel Law School. Unlike many other programmes offered, the set-up of the LLM course provides you with two opportunities to show what you are worth. At the end of the first term you are given essay tasks for each course you are taking and at the end of the second term you will sit the exams. As regards the essays, these perfectly prepare you for what you will be doing over the summer; writing your dissertation.

Good guidance was given throughout the year and the lectures were interactive as they were mostly held in small groups, which allowed for discussions that were actually far more helpful than the passive lectures I have attended in the past. The law school also organized many guest lecture events where lots of inspiring people came to the university to lecture on their particular field of interest and their research. Again, these meetings were held in fairly small groups and allowed students to participate rather than sit back.

In terms of student life, Brunel has loads to offer as well. Coming from a country where campus universities do not exist, I was shocked when I first came to Brunel. It offers absolutely everything from supermarkets to football pitches. It almost feels like a small village and you practically do not need to leave the campus. But you should! London is just around the corner and very accessible from campus. You can even get back at night taking the nights bus!

In sum, I had a great experience studying at Brunel for a year. I have learnt a lot and have met a lot of interesting people. Without a doubt, this experience has significantly boosted my career prospects. 

Saad, Law PhD

I chose to study at Brunel University London because the law school has an excellent reputation for outstanding academic research. The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of law and are very supportive at all times. Brunel Law School offers additional classes, specifically aimed at supporting international students in their presentation skills, academic writing skills and oral and written English skills. The teaching at Brunel law school is of an excellent standard in all areas.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my educational experience so far and am eagerly anticipating the next phase of my PhD.