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Migration 'Crisis' in Europe: In Conversation with the Greek Ombudsman


Brunel Law School was pleased to host a visit by the Greek Ombudsman, Dr Andreas Pottakis on Friday 5th April.

The visit was an opportunty for law students and staff to listen to his expert views on the refugee crisis in Europe, which is topical for the School with their continued commitment to the student volunteer programme, the Athens Refugee Project.

Andreas Pottakis is the Greek Ombudsman and a member of the Regional Board of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). He is Professor and the Provost for postgraduate studies at the European Law and Governance School (ELGS), and the Alternate Director of the Academy of European Public Law.

Since 2015, Greece has been at the centre of the migration 'crisis'. The role of the Greek Ombudsman, who is entrusted with mediating between public administration and citizens in order to help exercise their rights effectively, has been invaluable in the crisis.