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Digital Human Rights Ambassador Programme

In June of the last term of the 2016/2017 academic year, Brunel Law School offered students the opportunity to train as Digital Human Rights Ambassadors (DHRAs) through the successful launch of a new law and digital course.

The course was run by Matthew Daniels, Chair of Law & Human Rights Institute of World Politics at Washington, and supervised by Brunel Law School Professor Ben Chigara. 

Examples of the work students produced

Daniel Radcliffe in one of the Harry Potter films

Harry Potter

Aladdin and the genie


Runners lining up at the start line in the film Race


Two girls in school in the Lost Girls of South Africa film

Lost Girls of South Africa

Man addressing a crowd in film The Book Thief

The Book Thief

Two kids wrestling in the film Dangal


“It has been truly an amazing experience… it has opened my eyes and mind in how I see the world now and that is, human rights surrounds us every day.”

“I can happily say that this is the first time during my Law degree where I actually felt as though I was thinking independently and critically about something.”

“It was difficult to think of many improvements to the course as I found it to be really rewarding. Overall I found the course to be fun and the combination of both law and media was incredibly interesting and I hope to learn more in this area in the future.”