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Arriving by car

Sunday 17 September 2017

Instructions for students arriving by car

The University recognises that many students taking up residential accommodation on Sunday 17 September 2017 will arrive by car. Due to the large number of students arriving, parking and the flow of traffic both on site and in the roads in the immediate vicinity of the campus can become very congested. To help ease the congestion and ensure the free flow of traffic on and around the site we request that you follow these instructions.

  1. Approach the site via the recommended route for your hall (see below).
  2. Only one vehicle per student will be allowed on campus for the purposes of unloading personal belongings on Sunday 17 September 2017.
  3. If applicable parking on site near the halls will be limited to 1 hour maximum. This should give you plenty of time to unload your belongings. If you wish to remain parked on site for more than 1 hour you must move to car parks away from the halls as directed by Brunel staff on the day. 
  4. Do not leave your vehicle parked in delivery areas or on double yellow lines.
  5. Do not obstruct other vehicles or roadways.
  6. Follow the instructions given to you on the day by Brunel staff.
  7. Please ensure that you only approach the site via the appropriate route for your hall and when leaving the site follow any directional signs.
  8. Parking permits will not be required on Sunday 17 September 2017.

Approach routes for Halls:

It is important to note that there is no through route for vehicles between the two sides of the campus therefore you must approach via either Kingston Lane or Cleveland Road as indicated.

Halls – Fleming, Galbraith and Mill: Approach the campus via The Greenway and Cleveland Road, using the Topping Lane entrance.

Halls – North, Meadow, Michael Bevis, Concourse, Stephen Bragg, West Hall, Maurice Kogan, David Neave, Central, East, Runnymede, George Shipp, Trevor Slater, Shoreditch, Syd Urry, South, Brian Winstanley: Approach the campus via the Greenway and Cleveland Road, using the West Spur Road or Topping Lane as directed.

Halls - Saltash, Chepstow, Clifton, Faraday, Bishop, Kilmorey, Lacy, St Margarets: Approach the campus via Kingston Lane and follow the directions given by Brunel staff.

Halls - Borough Rd, Maria Grey, Southwark, Stockwell and Gordon: Approach the campus via Kingston Lane and follow the directions given by Brunel staff.

Keeping a vehicle on site after 17 September 2017

Please be advised that with the exception of blue badge holders there are unfortunately no facilities for resident students to keep a vehicle on campus after 17 September 2017. A parking charge system is in operation on the campus and vehicles parked without a permit and/or in contravention of our Traffic Regulations are at risk of receiving a penalty charge. Also, you are asked to refrain from attempting to park in local residential roads. Many of these are subject to parking controls and are resident parking only. Please refer to regulation 6.

Resident students may wish to take advantage of the car club that operates on campus. Brunel University London works in partnership with Hertz Connect to provide hire cars on campus which can be booked at very attractive rates. 

The campus is also very well served by public transport. Uxbridge town centre and London Underground station are only a short walk or bus ride away. All halls and most areas of the campus are provided with facilities for cycle storage.