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Before Graduation

 Summer Graduation 2022 will be held on Campus in Uxbridge.

What do I need to do before my Graduation?

The invitation will be in the form of an eVision task. It is important to the University that you reply even if you do not wish to attend.

The Graduation eVision task allowing you to accept or decline our invitation will be available from 23 February 2022. If the 'my Graduation' tab is not available in your eVision account, please contact (unless you are a Doctoral Research student who will only be invited upon successful submission of thesis to the library).

An email will also be sent to all eligible students containing all of the information contained on this website.

Can I change my mind about attending Graduation?

Yes. You can edit your response within the eVision graduation task until the deadline of 21 June 2022. If you do not complete this task by the deadline you may not be able to attend your Graduation ceremony.

However, the task will still be available to edit until the day before your ceremony should your circumstances change after this date. Be aware that any changes made after the deadline may impact your day’s arrangements.

Deferral requests are granted in exceptional circumstances and if you wish to defer to the next available ceremony please email with a short description and reason for requesting deferral; students will be informed of the decision as soon as possible.

For those whose Graduation was cancelled due to COVID restrictions, y
ou may defer your ceremony attendance for up to 5 years.

Will my name appear in the printed programme?

Your name will appear, in full, in the graduation programme under the award you have received. Graduation ceremonies are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all students and individual classifications are not shown. Names are listed under the award and programme in alphabetical order.

Names will be printed in the programme for all eligible awards, whether attending graduation or not. If you would like your name to be removed please email with a subject heading of 'Removal from Printed Programme'.

What will happen if I don't reply?

If you do not reply to your Graduation Invitation Task and want to attend your ceremony, it will not be possible to accommodate you on the day as you will not be allocated a seat in the ceremony and your certificate will not be produced for you to collect.

Without replying to the invitation you are not able to request any guest tickets.

Why do I need to hire a gown?

If you are attending your ceremony you must wear an official gown of the University representing your academic achievement.

University gowns are provided by YourGraduation. For information on how to hire or buy your gown please visit the Gowns and Dress Code section of the website.

YourGraduation offer gowns, hoods and hats suitable for any one with special requirements. These can include wheelchair or stick users, graduates in late stages of pregnancy, graduates on the autistic spectrum or anything else visible or invisible you would like us to bear in mind when preparing your gown for you. If this applies to you, please let YourGraduation know your requirements when ordering.

What if I have met the threshold for an ordinary degree and not yet been awarded?

You are welcome and eligible to attend your ceremony.

For more information click here.

Do I have to pay for my guest tickets before my ceremony?

Graduation is a popular event; the ceremony venue has a fixed limit on the number of seats, so we are only able to guarantee up to 2 free guest tickets per graduating student providing these have been requested via the Graduation eVision task. All guests will require a ticket to enter the auditorium.

In your "Graduation Task" you will be asked to indicate how many guests you would like to attend your ceremony, each of whom will require a guest ticket. Please note guest seating is not assigned and children under the age of 7 are unable to attend the formal ceremony.

In order to share the available ceremony tickets as fairly as possible, we will carry out 2 guest ticket allocations:

Firstly, you must be eligible to attend and have completed your eVision Graduation invite task and requested guest tickets by the deadline (Tuesday 21 June 2022). Students are entitled to up to two free guest tickets at this stage.

You will be able to see your allocation via the My Graduation tab in eVision once the ticket task goes live at lunchtime on Thursday 23 June 2022.

On 10am on Monday 27 June 2022 the first guest ticket window closes. We will clear original guest ticket requests in order for you to request additional tickets in the next allocation windows if required.

- (Second Allocation) takes place from 10am Tuesday 28 June 2022 to 10am on Thursday 30 June 2022, where you will have 2 days to request any further guest tickets, in addition to the free tickets you have already secured. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, including first requests for 2 free guest tickets.

Any additional guest tickets made available in the second allocation are charged at £26 each.

- If you have requested tickets in the second allocation window, then please check your eVision account for your new allocation details after 12pm on Friday 1 July 2022. You will be able to make payment for your second ticket allocation from this time until the day before your ceremony. On the day of your ceremony any allocated tickets not paid for will be removed from your account to be sold at the ceremony, on a first come, first served basis depending on current Health and Safety guidelines. The graduation task will also reopen for any other updates.

 It is important that you check for email and text reminders during this period.

Visa Requirements

When completing the Graduation Task, you will be asked whether you or your guest(s) require a visa to visit the UK to attend your Graduation Ceremony. If you will be applying for a visitor visa, you will be able to request a letter via the Graduation Task in eVision that can either posted, emailed or collected from the Student Centre.

Please note when you are requesting this letter for your guest(s), you will need to supply the details of their full names (as per their passport) and their relationship to you. This letter should be submitted alongside the visa applications.

For further information regarding visas to visit the UK, please refer to the UK Visas and immigration website