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Gowns & Dress Code

YourGraduation are the official University academic dress suppliers for Graduation. To take part in your Graduation ceremony you must be wearing Brunel University London academic dress, which consists of a gown, hood and hat that vary in relation to your award. These can be hired or purchased from YourGraduation, details can be found here. 

The deadline for ordering a gown is Sunday 25 June 2023.

As part of the online order process, you will have the opportunity to respond to a question about “Special Requirements” affecting your wearing of academic dress. If you have any questions you can contact YourGraduation via email:

Why do I need to wear a gown?

To take part in your Graduation ceremony you must be wearing Brunel University London academic dress.

Academic dress for Brunel consists of a gown, hood and mortar board (hat) that vary in relation to your award.

How can I hire or buy my gown?

Gowns are available to hire or purchase from YourGraduation.

YourGraduation offer gowns, hoods and hats suitable for any one with special requirements. These can include wheelchair or stick users, graduates in late stages of pregnancy, graduates on the autistic spectrum or anything else visible or invisible you would like us to bear in mind when preparing your gown for you. If this applies to you, please let YourGraduation know your needs when ordering.

What information will I need to hire or buy my gown?

Before contacting YourGraduation please make sure that you know your height, chest and head size.

To get your head size you will need to measure the circumference of your head 1 inch above your eyebrow.

What is the deadline for hiring or buying a gown?

To guarantee that a gown will be available for you to wear during your ceremony you must arrange to hire a gown, no later than Sunday 25 June 2023.

If you want to buy your Graduation gown please see the expected delivery times on the website when placing the order to ensure that it can be made in time.

How much will my gown cost?

Current gown hire costs are as follows:


Hire Price

Certificates and Diplomas (including PG Cert)


All Bachelors/ All Integrated Awards


All Masters inc MPhil


Doctoral Research and Higher Doctorate



 Click here for more information on how to hire or purchase your gown.

What should I wear under my gown?

A suit or similar formal outfit must be worn under your gown. National or cultural dress is also welcomed. Because of the fit of the gowns, it is helpful if you have a button at the top of your outfit (ie a shirt) which your hood can then be fixed to.

Our gowning company have the following guidance on what to wear under your gown: What To Wear Under Your Graduation Robes

Do I have to wear the mortar board (hat)?

Yes. You should wear your hat throughout your ceremony until you have been presented to the Presiding Officer.

Once you have taken your seat again, you may remove your hat. If, for any reason, you do not feel able to wear your hat, please contact If you are a Sikh you are excused from wearing the hat but you must carry it with you as you cross the stage.

What will my gown look like?

gown - Dip Front

Diploma / Cert / PGCE

gown - Dip Back


gown - Bach Front

Bachelors (Undergraduate)

gown - Bach Back
gown - Masters Front

Masters (Postgraduate)

gown - Masters Back
gown - MEng Front

Integrated Masters - MEng, MMath

gown - MEng Back
gown - Phd Front

Doctoral Research

gown - Phd Back