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Am I eligible to attend graduation?

Completing your studies and having been awarded by the University usually fulfils the conditions for a student to be “clear to attend” Graduation.

There are a few instances where you may not be eligible (or “cleared”) to attend, and these include:

  • Having an outstanding tuition debt to the University.

  • Failing core assessments and not being able to complete your taught course.

  • Failing core assessments and not being awarded.

  • As a consequence of disciplinary action.

However, if you are not able to attend ceremonies for the above reasons and are subsequently awarded, you will usually be invited to attend the next appropriate ceremony instead.

Students are invited to Graduation in anticipation of being awarded, this means we expect you to have completed your studies by June for Summer Graduation and November for Winter Graduation, however there are some exceptions to this:


  • If you are entitled to an Honours Degree, Integrated Masters Degree or an Ordinary degree for your programme you are entitled to attend your ceremony. Please note that not all programmes offer an Ordinary degree.  Please check your programme specification for further details or ask your personal tutor.

  • If you have achieved the minimum requirement for an Ordinary or Honours degree for your programme but have been offered reassessment to improve your classification or HEAR you are also able to attend Graduation.

  • If you have been recommended for the award of a Diploma in Higher Education or Certificate of Higher Education and you are intending to take reassessment to achieve your degree you may not attend graduation.  If you achieve an Honours degree or an Ordinary degree following reassessment you will be invited to attend Graduation at the next available opportunity.  


  • If you are entitled to a Masters degree or PGCE you are entitled to attend your ceremony.

  • If you are entitled to a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate and are not entitled to further reassessment or do not wish to take up the offer of reassessment you may attend your ceremony.

  • If you are entitled to a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate but intend to be reassessed to improve your final award you may not attend your ceremony.

  • If you are undertaking a placement element as part of your degree you are normally expected to attend graduation after your final award has been made.

Students holding an award that entitles them to attend a ceremony but who intend to undertake reassessment to improve their final award will be shown in the graduation programme as achieving the award they are currently entitled to receive, not the award they hope to achieve following assessment/reassessment e.g.  BSc (Ord) in 'Therapeutic Studies' rather than BSc (Hons) in 'Physiotherapy' or PGCE in 'Secondary Education Studies' instead of 'Secondary Education (Physics with Mathematics) with recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status'.

If you are entitled to a higher award at a later date, this will be normally be conferred once reassessment has been completed and the Board of Examiners have met. Your certificate will be available at the next conferral date and you can request it to be dispatched via a task available when clicking the 'Award' button on the 'my course' section of eVision.

Rest assured that if you are entitled to reassessment, this will not be announced during the ceremony. Everyone is presented with the same presentation folder, however yours will contain a letter rather than a degree certificate inside. Provided you meet the criteria listed above, you will cross the stage with your cohort.

If you are unclear about your situation once you have received your results, or you are worried about your situation now, please speak to your personal tutor, or a member of academic staff in your Department.